Bagan is an ancient city located in the Mandalay Region of Myanmar.

Bagan, Myanmar, Travel Guide Bagan, Myanmar, Travel Guide

Misty morning in Bagan, Myanmar.

Bagan, Myanmar, Travel Guide Bagan, Myanmar, Travel Guide

Balloons, Bagan.

Bagan, Myanmar, Travel Guide Bagan, Myanmar, Travel Guide

From the 9th to 13th centuries, the Bagan city was the capital of the Kingdom of Pagan.

Bagan, Myanmar, Travel Guide Bagan, Myanmar, Travel Guide

Ox cart walk in front of Bagan temple

Bagan, Myanmar, Travel Guide Bagan, Myanmar, Travel Guide

Temples of Bagan, Myanmar.

Bagan, Myanmar, Travel Guide Bagan, Myanmar, Travel Guide

Bagan lies in the middle of the "dry zone" of Burma, the region roughly between Shwebo in the north and Pyay in the south.

Bagan, Myanmar, Travel Guide Bagan, Myanmar, Travel Guide

There are around over the 4000 ancient pagodas and temples, and more 2200 trails of the ancient relics is Bagan is worthy considered as “the archaeological city” of Myanmar. These features created this city to be attractive the tourist arriving to explore not less interested Angkor Wat of Cambodia. These archaeology have been built since the rick period of Pagan ancient kingdom the old name of Bagan now a day. 

Bagan is included three main areas is Old Bagan, New Bagan and Nyaung-U. The area of Old Bagan is encompassed the pagodas, temples and stupa. The tourist just allow visiting these sites from the outside, not allow go inside. The area of New Bagan is included a lot of the big hotels and restaurants, this place is lived by many locals where have been moved from the area of the Old Bagan in order to maintain this ancient area.

There are many different ways to go to Bagan from Yagon, Mandalay or Inle Lake such as by plane, bus, taxi or catch a private car to go here. if you want to get the cheapest way, then you should catch a local bus, the buses at here offer also very good about both of the service quality and prices.

If you catch a short flight from Yagon to this old city, then you should book through the travel agent because they offer better about the kinds of flights as well as its flight time is also more stable. Sometimes there are also some tourists like discovering this old city by motorbike, but it is also very hard because the roads at here are not so nice to use this special vehicle, beside that it is very far from Yagon to Bagan (around 700km) so that it is very tired for any tourist whose want to try this special vehicle.

Exploring the most famous sightseeing in this city by horse cart is the most convenient vehicle for you because it will help you go inside these sites easily. Beside that, with the tourists whose prefer this ancient city careful and slowly is ride a bike is also a vehicle to be recommended because almost of roads enter the famous sites at here is by soil, it is very hard to control by other vehicles without a bike, so that the bike is the vehicle also very popular in this area.

Discovering Bagan, you also should not miss to try the local and traditional dishes at here because its prices are very good and it is suitable with all tourists in the world. To try the most delicious dishes at here, you should consult some famous restaurants such as Weather Spoon’s Bagan Restaurant in Nyaung-U town, Queen Restaurant or Golden Emperor Restaurant or Yar Pyi Vegetarian…

Because there are not many cheap hotels at here, so to get the good room price at the good hotel is you should book before you arrive here. If your budget allow to stay at the luxury hotel, then you do not need to book in advance because the luxury hotels at here is still available every day. To choose a place to stay at here is you should stay at the New Bagan because this area is included a lot of the cheap and good hotels with very good prices so you will have more choices in this area than the Old Bagan. 

Travel to Bagan, the most famous pagodas and temples must be included on your trip such as Mingalar Zedi Pagoda where you can get the overview of the Old Bagan, it is so beautiful. The second site is Sulamani Guphaya Temple where still maintain a lot of the pictures on the walls. The next famous temples is DhammaYangyi that is still considered is the largest temple in Bagan with the different architecture style from other temples in this area. We also should not miss to explore Ananda Phaya Temple that is maintained the best at here and Shwegu Gyi Temple with the skillful details. Finally is Shwesandaw Temple where the tourist have a chance to view the sunlight and sunset the most clearly from here.

With all special features above, you should book a flight to travel Bagan as soon as possible to take the best sightseeing, exploring the most ancient pagodas and temples, trying the most delicious dishes, take part in the most special festivals such as Ananda Pagoda Festival from 8th to 17th January, Shwezigon Pagoda Festival from 16th November to 8th December as well as experience a lot of the different and special activities in Bagan. 

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