Lanna Kingdom

Maetang Elephant Park

Taeng River

The White Temple

Wat Phra That Doi Suthep

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Daan Kwian Market

Doi Suthep Mountain


Chiang Mai is far from Bangkok around 700km, this is an important city of Thailand. The people in Thailand still call this city as ” the northern rose” by the natural and poetic beauty of the fat land and valley as well as the immense rice fields with the hills.

Chiang Mai has ever been the capital of Lanna kingdom, after Mengrai King established in 1296. Going through the hundred years has been developed, this place has kepted the national character custom such as the voice and customs as well as cooking of the local people.

With the travelers whose like to find about the religion and history of an ancient land will feel to be charmed by Chiang Mai. This city has until three hundred temples, pagodas among Wat Chiang Mai is the oldest one and it is called as “the city’s foundation” by Mengrai has built and lived in 1296.

Arrival to Chiang Mai, you must see the most famous attractions at here such as firstly is Doi Suthep Mountain where has a very famous and beautiful temple to be located in the top of Doi Suthep Mountain, this temple always is the first choice of the tourist while they visit to Chiang Mai.

The next attractions and activities which you should not miss in Chiang Mai is try one of the most famous food of the locals at here is Khao Soi, then take part in the special traditional festivals of the locals, it is very fun and characteristic.

You also should try the comfortable feeling to massage your foot in Chiang Mai, or camp under the stars, or even experience a long trip at the beautiful places around Chiang Mai.

It is also very specially and worthwhile for you to see the whole city of Chiang Mai from the balloon. If you are the travelers who like the ecotourism is a trip to the national parks in Chiang Mai to see a lot of the different birds as well as go deep into the ethnic villages to find their daily life is the best choice.