Monks in Doi Suthep Temple
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Doi Suthep Temple Girls in Traditional Clothing
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One of the way to go up Doi Suthep Temple is climb 306 stone ladders
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The skillful status in Doi Suthep Temple
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The gate entry Doi Suthep Temple
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The magnificence in Doi Suthep Temple
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Doi Suthep Temple at night
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Doi Suthep Temple

Doi Suthep Temple is about 15 kilometers from the center of Chiang Mai, but tourists can see it from anywhere in the city. Doi Suthep Temple is one of the most well-known tourist attractions in Chiang Mai.

Because Doi Suthep was once considered very sacred, the first residents of the city believed that their ancestors’ souls resided on the hilltop. Doi Suthep Temple was built by King Geu Na in the late 14th century, and it is now a popular tourist destination, attracting both domestic and international pilgrims each year.

Doi Suthep Temple draws visitors not only because of the sacred tower but also because of the numerous Buddhist statues of various sizes that are placed inside and outside the temple. All of these statuses are very skilled and beautiful, giving tourists an impressive and respectful feeling.

To get to Doi Suthep Temple, tourists have two options: climb from the hill base, overcome 306 stone ladders, or take a cable car. Most people choose the latter because climbing from the hill base is tiring, long, and difficult.

Doi Suthep is one of the most famous destinations in Chiang Mai; it is only 15 kilometers from the city center and is very easy and convenient to reach by any vehicle, so tourists should not miss this place on their trip to Chiang Mai.


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