Heho is the important destination of Myanmar, this is the connecting place between the other famous sights of Myanmar such as Taunggyi, Shan State, Inlake….With a cool template and very pleasant weather every year is Heho not only attract the tourist by this special weather but also it is very famous with the neglected beauty of a small and peaceful town. Explore Heho the tourist also have a chance to experience and take part in the traditional festivals of the locals at here, it is very specially and fun.

Because Heho is the gateway of the main sights of Myanmar, so from here you could catch the different vehicles such as taxi, private car, bus to go to other famous sights that are located nearby Heho such as Inle Lake the second largest freshwater lake in Myanmar, this is also one of the most famous place where you must be included on your trip travel Myanmar. Visiting Inle Lake, the tourist will have a chance to experience many different activities such as take a boat trip around the lake to finding about the daily life as well as the customs and habits of the locals who live in the lake, enjoying the local and traditional dishes that are cooked directly by the locals at here, it is very special and different from other places in the world. Beside that you also should take part in the morning market where all products of the locals are sold at here, they are very cheap and particular for this area, you could buy these as the souvenirs of Myanmar to give for your friends and family after the trip to this special and beautiful country. 

From Heho, you should not miss to explore Pindaya Caves in Pindaya Town, these caves are included a lot of the different big and small Buddhist statues, these statues are displayed at here with the different meaning and it plays very important role with not only the locals at here but also Myanmar people as well.

The best time for you to visit Heho as well as the closed destinations with Heho is on the festivals season such as the Buddhist Orders Festival in Heho, this famous festival is help by the locals at here with the purpose is the time to admit the sons of some families become a formal monk. Beside Buddhist Orders Festival in Heho, you also should not miss other important festivals that are nearby Heho such as Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda Festival in Inle Lake, Shan State, this special festival is help from 2nd to 19th October, The Thadingyut, Festival of Lights is help throughout Myanmar from 15th to 16th October, or the Hot Air Balloon Festival is help in Taunggyi from 20th to 26th November….the Hot Air Balloon Festival is one of the most worthwhile festivals that you should take part in and experience, in this festival it is easy for you to have many special photos as well as view the beautiful whole sight of Taunggyi once sitting on a balloon, it is very mighty and wonderful.  

Although Heho is a small town, it is covered the most simple beauties of the traditional villages in Myanmar, this place is granted a fresh air and the cool weather every time by the nature. With a beautiful small town, with the stable cool weather, with the traditional famous festivals of the locals, with the easy and convenient transfer vehicles to go here, with the gateway where connect with many other main cities and sights of Myanmar is Heho is worthy for you to explore and travel Heho. So, you should miss this place on your trip travel Heho Myanmar.