Beaches Owning Beautiful Rocks in Vietnam

In addition to beautiful beaches, clear blue water, the sea also attracts people with heaving rocks with strange shapes and vibrant colors as masterpieces endowed by the Creator.

  1. Da Nhay beach, Quang Binh

Da-Nhay-beach | Vietnam beautiful beaches

Visitors to Quang Binh will enjoy being immersed in the unspoiled white sand beach where the population of hundreds of thousands of stone with amazing looks. Da Nhay is beach located close to the sea, at the foot of Ly Hoa Pass, Bo Trach district. About 30km from Dong Hoi along Highway 1 to the north, visitors will reach the rock with small , large, high and low stone pillars  with many different shapes, each time waves thrust into the rock, it creates a rattling sound. Lots of stone are like jumping on the water surface. Perhaps that is why the beach is called Da Nhay (literally, it means jumping beach).

  1. The island of Ly Son, Quang Ngai

ly-son-beach | Vietnam beautiful beaches

After 30 minutes of floating on the sea, visitors will reach Be (small) island of An Binh Commune, Ly Son with a pristine beach where is not known by many people. There are many rugged jagged cliffs emerging from the immense sea. Whenever there are large waves, the rocks are hidden under the white water creating a wonderful scenery. In the north, there is also a beach with thousands of boulders shining under the bright sky.

  1. Da Dia reef, Phu Yen

Considered as one of the unique rock beaches in Vietnam, Da Dia reef attracts many tourists to Phu Yen by strange rocks as a great arrangement of the Creator.

da-dia-beach | Vietnam beautiful beaches

From a distance, visitors can admire the rocks lying close together with a flat surface, sometimes, the rocks are arranged in a vertical or diagonal column creating circular shape, hexagon, pentagon… which is very interesting and like a giant beehive.

  1. Hoang Hau (Queen) Beach, Binh Dinh

Considered as the gift blessed by nature and as the most beautiful beaches of Binh Dinh- the land of martial art, Hoang Hau Beach annually attracts many tourists by the natural scenery. The name Hoang Hau is said to be originated from an anecdote in the past, it is that during the times following Emperor Bao Dai Reign visiting the central provinces, Queen Nam Phuong chose this place as her own beach, so people called the beach Hoang Hau (Queen).

the-qeen-beach | Vietnam beautiful beaches

Closely along the coast, this beach has plenty of rocks forming the caves, the reefs which play with blue waves all year round. This rocky beach is also named Nhan (Swallow) beach, probably because this is the place where swallows usually fly to find their prey.

  1. Co Thach Beach, Binh Thuan

About 90 km from Phan Thiet city, Co Thach beach appears with stones of various colors and shapes. This is the 7 colors rock beach created by the impact of the tide, ocean, sea … and the stones are pushed to rise on the shore.

Co-Thach-Beach | Vietnam beautiful beaches

Co Thach beach has rocks of many interesting shapes as an elephant spraying water, a hand, or the animals, coming here, visitors will admire the magnificent work of nature. Under the waves and sun reflection, the whole rock beach is shimmering and magical and changes over moments of the day making the beach even more attractive. Stones here are not only black or gray but also have variety of brilliant colors such as brown, yellow, purple, white, blue, pink, red….

  1. Binh Chau Reef, Vung Tau

binh-chau-beach | beautiful beaches Vietnam

With huge rocks standing out of the blue in the sea, wild and grandeur Binh Chau Reef is an attractive tourist destination for travelers to Vung Tau. In the ocean waves, it appears with rocks in groups of different sizes and shapes, which are prominent on the white stretching sand.

  1. Dinh Cau Stone Beach, Phu Quoc

Dinh Cau emerging rock beach consists of large ancient rocks which are eroded over time  and heavy with strange but beautiful shapes like the turtle, alligator opening his mouth… When the sea winds blow, thousands of white waves pour into the shore and the rock creating the rumbling sound.

Dinh-Cau-Stone-Beach | Vietnam beautiful beaches

Visiting Dinh Cau beach, guests will enjoy a charming natural scene with the sunshine, blue sea, white sand blended in immense clouds. Enjoying the beautiful sunset on the sea is also of an unforgettable experience during the time on Phu Quoc Island.

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