What Urge the Tourists to Look forward to Hanoi Autumn?

Hanoi– the Capital city, is located in the North of Vietnam. Therefore, it has all the typical features of the monsoon tropical climate with 4 distinct seasons including Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Although Autumn is regarded as the saddest time in a year, many people have been attracted by its beauty. What Urge the Tourists to Look forward to Hanoi Autumn?

1. Beautiful sunshine
Fall is the time when people say goodbye to the such uncomforatable burning sun of the summer that no one want to go out. Autumn sunlight is limpid, beautiful and very light, so comfortable that just when waking up, seeing the autumn sun flickering outside the window, you want to get out of your bed immediately, rash out to the street to sit in a corner, enjoy the coffee and sunbathe.

Hanoi Autumn

The sun shines and the sunlights go through the canopy of the leaves

2. Autumn wind
Talking about the fall in Hanoi is synonymous with talking about the autumn wind, about a little silly morning with the sightly cold and gentle wind on the streets. Whenever you are in, a scorching summer or a piercing cold winter, when recalling this kind of wind, you will fell very peaceful, and form yourself a very typical reaction to look forward to something that only caused by the autumn, and by autumn wind.

Hanoi Autumn

Autumn always bring people with pleasant and relaxed feelings

3. Autumn- the season of Cốm (Green rice flakes)
People look forward to the autumn simply because they love Cốm- the simple but delicious nosh of people in the North of Vietnam. Nowadays, in modern life, people can enjoy Cốm all year round, but only in autumn, we can really feel the taste and value of Cốm.

Hanoi Autumn

Cốm is not only a tasty nosh but also the quintessence of a culture

It is not a coincidence that this rustic, simple and pure nosh of the countryside and Hanoi autumn has become the inspiration for the musicians and poets. Cốm’s taste carries the resourceful, hardworking and creative qualities of agricultural people, especially Vòng villagers who has been famous all over the country for making the most delicious Cốm.

4. Autumn- the season of sudden rains
The late summer downfalls are always the most precious rains, giving a signal that from then, the blazing sun had receded. Early autumn rains are always the heavy rains which are like the time when the sky gets rid of all the sadness, unpleasure building up in sunny days. They are the rains which bring Hanoi with cool air and gentle autumn.

5. Autumn- the season of yellow leaves
One of the photos taken by most of the young people in the autumn is the falling leaves in Phan Dinh Phung, Kim Ma, and Hoang Dieu streets. In the two sidewalks, fallen leaves are so brilliant that when looking from a distance, we could feel excited and moved. Not only along the Phan Dinh Phung Street, you can also “catch” yellow leaves everywhere, from the windowframe of the neighbor, along beautiful narrow roads, in alleys, on the yellow walls or under your feet.

Hanoi Autumn in Phan Dinh Phung Street

Yellow leaf is the characteristic of autumn in Hanoi

6. Autumn- the season of milk flower

Hanoi Autumn - The flowers in Autumn

Hanoi Autumn, in some people’s mind, will not be complete without milk flowers

Autumn will not be autumn without milk flowers. When referring to milk flower, some people will feel very depressed and shake their heads for the fear of its strong odour; however, if there is no milk flowers, no one feels the Autumn in Hanoi completely. Imagining that in the late dating evenings, passing the familiar streets, and suddenly I feel the smell of milk flowers in front of us, very mild, very slight, I am sure that you will be very comfortable, and expect the autumn to please come earlier.

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