The Most Beautiful Flower Fields in Vietnam

Flowers are the beauty of life. At any time of the year, there are “hundreds of flowers blooming” with attractive colors. For those who love flowers, let’s take a look at the ecstatic beauty of the flower fields in Vietnam!

#1. The field of yellow canola flowers along Duong River-Gia Lam-Hanoi

The time when it comes to winter, the cold wind blows is also when the field shines brightly. From lunar October and November to the lunar new year, canola flowers will “dye” many fields near Duong river in Gia Lam district of Hanoi and Bac Ninh province with bright yellow color. The canola flowers bloom only in 20 days to wait for the seeds for the next crop.

The field of yellow canola flowers along Duong River-Gia Lam-Hanoi

The field of yellow canola flowers along Duong River-Gia Lam-Hanoi

Although canola flower is not as fragrant, attractive, elegant, shimmering as milk flowers, this flower – the flower originated from the very familiar vegetables- brings many rural areas around Hanoi today with the simple beauty which still captivates both domestic and foreign guests when they come to the capital in the late winter days. The characteristic flavor of the flower will bring a sense of simplicity to your heart. If you look carefully, you can see that, on the flaky petals with pistil full of pollen, there are butterflies, bees which are working hard to find sweet nectar.

Many young people, photographers, tourists have come here to record the precious moments, romantic experiences in the garden of yellow canola flowers which bloom only once a year. Some people born in the village do not mind the cold wind, they take time riding to the suburbs, watching the flower garden with small yellow flowers with soft petals swaying in the wind, breathing the special smell which is the combination of flower’s smell and that of alluvial soil to commemorate their childhood in the village …

#2.The Milk flower streets in Hanoi

Hanoi is not as vibrant and hot as Saigon, not as shy and romantic as Hue and not as small as the night light of the ancient town of Hoi An, but with many people, Hanoi is beautiful at all angles, in the scenery and especially in the pure beauty of milk flowers.

The Milk flower streets in Hanoi

The Milk flower streets in Hanoi

When the autumnal cold breeze blows, the passionate smell of milk flowers starts to spread on the streets of Hanoi. The greenish white blossom clusters of flowers are as tiny as the tiny lanterns hidden behind the foliage. These flower blooms will spread the fragrance into small alleys, small streets of the capital, but most milk flowers are planted on Nguyen Du and Quan Thanh streets.

Milk flower has become a “specialty” of Hanoi. In the days of late autumn and early winter, the aroma of milk flowers spreads through the alleyways making Hanoi more gentle and impressive. In a cool autumn night, sitting and drink a cup of hot tea next to a milk flower tree, even those living in Hanoi will love this city more.

#3.The field of Buckwheat flowers in Ha Giang

Buckwheat (literally, triangular seed) flowers are widely known by young people in recent years with wild, gentle beauty. In every season of buckwheat flowers, young people are eagerly preparing for the trip to Ha Giang to admire this rare beauty.

The field of Buckwheat flowers in Ha Giang

The field of Buckwheat flowers in Ha Giang

The time when the buckwheat flowers bloom most brightly is in the end of the autumn, around the end of October, early November every year. It is really interesting that the beauty of the ripe paddy rice on terraces is ended, immediately, white pink of buckwheat flower petals spread over the plateau. These flower buds are white, then turn into pink and dark red, a finally fade after 1 month.

The buckwheat flower can also be found in Lao Cai, Cao Bang, but Ha Giang is the place where flowers grow most beautifully. Some of the spots to admire the beauty of buckwheat flowers in Ha Giang include Sung La, Lung Cu and especially Phan Theng Commune, Xbin Man District, Ha Giang Province. Coming here, you will see beautiful buckwheat flower which is in the pictures glittering the ethnic children playing innocently.

Buckwheat is a traditional plant of the Northwest highlands, the flower of this plant can be used to make delicious cakes. In many places such as Ban Pho (Pho Village- Bac Ha), Nam Phung (Bat Xat) or Man Than (Si Ma Cai), the seeds of buckwheat flour are mixed with corn to make wine creating a distinctive wine flavor

The name of buckwheat does not evoke the image of a flower. The reason why people call this species flower is because the petal of this plant congeals into the cone shape, three sides ( in shapes of triangles) cover a precious seed inside. The beauty of pink petals and the resonance of the mild sunshine and the blue sky of the autumn has captivated the soul of a lot of flower lovers and photographers.

#4. Plum blossom and peach blossom in Sapa- the land of fog

In every spring, the pink color of forest peach blossom and the pure white of plum blossoms paint the landscape of the forest with charming colors and it is fortunate for those who have an opportunity to admire this fascinating beauty. Peach blossoms, plum blossoms are found in many places in the northern mountains such as Lang Son, Son La, Moc Chau but the most attractive are the forest peach and plum blossoms in Sapa- where is dubbed the “Land of fog”.

Plum blossom and peach blossom in Sapa-the land of fog

Plum blossom and peach blossom in Sapa-the land of fog

The flowers here are countless, flowers appear in the small side railing, on the hillsides, on the slopes, wriggled in the ivory bamboo clusters, along with the fences and or along the sides of the road leading to the village. The pink color of peach and white flowers of apricots, plum are like waking up Sapa.

Immersed in the floating clouds, Sa Pa town is a city in mist, drawing a charming picture of mountains and flowers. Here, there are invaluable resources that are cool fresh climate with a variety of nuances.

#5.Get lost in the fairy land- the lavender field in Da Lat

Dalat is known as the city of flowers, thanks to the cool, fresh climate in Da Lat, people cultivate and multiply so many beautiful flowers. In the heart of Da Lat city, there are many parks, each park is planted with a species flower. Here is the beauty of purple lavender flowers that you must be attracted when admiring.

Lavender – is a bush species with fragrance originated in the Mediterranean. Its scientific name is Lavendula (in the Latin language, lavas means to wash). The person who first brought Lavender to Vietnam and planted successfully is a young boy named Bao Nam, a lover of lavender. After bringing the clump from Australia to plant, finally, only 10 blooming flowers were harvested. But then it is widely propagated and successfully planted in Da Lat Park.

Get lost in the fairy land- the lavender field in Da Lat

Get lost in the fairy land- the lavender field in Da Lat

The passionate purple and the fragrance of lavender have become legends. It appears in poetry, film, literature, and the industries of making essential oils, cosmetics, etc. Lavender is a symbol of true, ardent and loyal love.

At present, lavender is grown in many places. However, in our country, this kind of flower is successfully planted only in Da Lat. Because this flower is quite “kittenish” (i.e. hard to grow) and haughty, it should be carefully planted and looked after.

Whether the flower beds are carefully cultivated or the wild natural fields, the field of flowers always brings a fairy-tale beauty to attract people. It is great to see the shady fields as a gift of nature, isn’t it?

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