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Do you need to Vaccinate when traveling to cities and countries in Southeast Asia?

Although there are still a lot of cities and countries in the region of Southeast Asia to be poor and backward such as Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam…..It is still very safe and fine for you to travel in these places. It means that if you travel to the tourist sites in this region, then you are not requested as well as it is not necessary for you to have to vaccinate while traveling to here.

what about vaccinate when travel to southeast asia

You are not requested to vaccinate at almost places in the tourist sites of Southeast Asia

There are many tourists whose also have the same question is if they need to vaccinate when traveling to Vietnam and the simple answer is you do not need or you are not inquired to do this. But, if your trip to the adventurous regions of Vietnam such as trekking to the removed mountains in the northern Vietnam, then you still should vaccinate as a precautionary measure for you otherwise it is fine for you to travel around Vietnam without vaccinating.
As like as Vietnam, you are also not worried about vaccinating when traveling to Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar, Laos….because almost tourist sights in these countries are safe for you to visit and you are not requested to vaccinate when traveling to here.

Which are personal instruments necessary to bring along your trip?

Excepting the winter of the northern Vietnam lasts from around from December to March is almost of cities in the region of Southeast Asia has two main seasons is the dry season and rainy season with the average degree around from 25-39 degree. So, with your personal instruments as the clothes are then you just should bring some warm clothes if you travel around from December to March in the north of Vietnam, otherwise, you just need to bring the simple and short clothes to do the most convenient for you during your trip to cities of Southeast Asia.
what to wear when travel to Indochina

The suitable kinds of clothes are brought along your trip is an important preparedness

Especially, if you travel to the tourist places in the northern Vietnam in the winter such as Sapa, Ha Giang, Dien Bien Phu, Lai Chau, Cao Bang…, then you should bring some very warm clothes because sometimes the degree at here can be dropped until 0 degrees and there are snow at these destinations in the winter, so that the weather is very cold and uncomfortable, that’s why every year in this region there are still a lot of cattle such as buffalos, cows, pigs, chickens are dead because of this terrible cold. With the degree is down until 0 degrees, almost locals whose live in these regions can not work or do anything because it is not only cold but also fog and the white frost so that this case makes almost animals and vegetables are dead. There are also many families whose have their most precious property is some buffalos or cows, then they have to light the fire to warm for their cattle in the coldest dates in the winters. And, if you intend to travel to the northern Vietnam, then you should check carefully information about the weather in the dates of the real winter at here to bring full enough the warm clothes to travel in these areas or avoid to travel in these hard cold dates.
Different from the northern Vietnam, almost of other cities of Vietnam as well as Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar are comfortable all time so that you just need to note carefully about the weather if you intend to explore the north of Vietnam in the winter at here.
Besides clothes, you always should bring a small umbrella during your trip to any place in Southeast Asia, because even you travel in the dry season or rainy season, then the hard sunlight of the dry season and the hard rains of the rainy season in this region also will make you very uncomfortable without an umbrella to help you feel more pleasure under the hard weather and change suddenly in a day.
what must bring on a trip?

An umbrella is also very useful to you to avoid the hard weather at your destinations

If an umbrella is not convenient for you to bring during your trip, then a hat is small enough and necessary for you to wear it anytime or under any weather. And, a hat is very necessary for you to wear when you trek or explore any sight at the different cities around Southeast Asia because in these areas the weather is also changed every day.
what to wear to Indochina?

A small hat will help you feel more convenient once meet the sunny or rainy weather suddenly on the trip

One more thing which is also very important for you to bring with you during your trip is water, some bottles of water will never unwanted in the hot dates at the tourist destinations the most when you must trek for a long distance under a hard weather in the summer season or dry season at the tourist sites such as Angkor Temples complex, or in Vietnam, Laos and Myanmar….so that always put at least a bottle of water in your bag during your trekking trips even a city tour at any city around Southeast Asia. Certainly, nowadays almost tourist sights sell a lot of waters to serve for the travellers anytime but you can not find it if you already enter or go inside any place to explore (trek) because normally according to the policy of the tourist destinations in any country is there is not any person who allows selling anything inside a destination.
what should bring for a trip?

Water must bring with you on the trip, the most once you travel with kids

To explore any sightseeing, then you also must trek few or much and this trekking will make you tired and hot so that a fan which is simple and small also very useful for you, especially with the families travel with kids, this instrument is very necessary because the kids often snivel when they feel hot and uncomfortable, so that if you must trek or take a trip on the hot dates (especially with kids) at any place in any country in Southeast Asia, then a small fan is very useful for you and your kids.
what must bring on a trip to Indochina?

A small fan will make you (or your kids) feel much more pleasure if the weather is hot

Each country and each destination, as well as each time, has a different kind of weather, and with some tourists whose do not get used to the weather of some countries in Southeast Asia, then it is very easy to make them feel sick or uncomfortable when they have to walk or travel as well as transfer a lot in each tour day so that to avoid this case, traveller should bring some necessary medicines such as influenza, allergic, fever…during the trip because the kinds of medicine at each of place is different and it is very difficult for you to find a kind of medicine which is the same as the kind you often use in your country. Especially, the foods are also one of the reasons which are also very easy to make for tourists meet the matters about getting a stomachache, evacuate… so that bring some kinds of medicines along with your trips to avoid these cases is also necessary.
what must bring for a trip to Southeast Asia?

Medicine should be brought when you are abroad

Normally, if you take full day trip at any city in any country, then you often do not have much time to buy and eat your daily foods until your lunch or dinner so that bring with you some snacks such as chocolates, biscuits….during your trip to avoid the case you feel hungry is also very useful. Besides that, during the time you have to walk or trek a lot on your day trip, then try some snacks also will help you feel better and excited to continue your trips. Especially, if you travel with kids, bring some snacks and drinks which they still often eat and drink every day is also very necessary, and the best is you should prepare and bring exactly what they still often eat at home because it is very difficult to find the same things as they still often eat at home in the tourist points.
what should bring for kids for a trip?

Bring with you some snacks if it is your (kids) favorite foods every day

There are still a lot of tourist and non-tourist sights where you want to buy directly the souvenirs of the locals as well as other things at here but locals just know using their local currency (money), so that changing and bringing with you some local money to spend directly at the sightseeing where you are visiting is also very helpful. For example, when you travel to the removed sites (non-tourist sites) in the northern Vietnam such as Lai Chau, Dien Bien Phu, Sapa, Ha Giang, Mai Chau….you should bring some Vietnam Dong because almost ethnic locals at here just use their local money is by Vietnam Dong only. Also like Vietnam is Vietnam Dong is Cambodia is Riel, Myanmar is Kyat, Thailand is Bath or Laos is Kip you also should prepare some local money at the sight where you will visit in these countries in order to be easier for you to exchange and buy the necessary things for your trips at your destinations.
what is the local money of Vietnam?

Prepare some local money at your destinations are very useful on some cases

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