The useful travel guides for a trip

The suitable age and destination

Normally, it is also easy for all tourists to travel to anywhere they want, but sometimes with tourists whose are elder or getting some problems about their health, then it is also more difficult for them to choose anywhere or to adventurous sights to travel so that to know the most special and important features of each destination in advance each of a trip is necessary for each tourist in order to avoid the bad cases you will meet once travel to these places, for example, to travel and trek to Sapa a mountainous region is located in the northern Vietnam, firstly you should have a good health, and with almost disable persons should not choose a trekking tour in Sapa because almost roads trek into the ethnic villages at here are not flat and very long (around at least 1.5-2 hours to trek around these villages), so that if you are the tourist elders and intend to travel Sapa, or with the family whose have kids travel with at these special sights, then you should refer to the sites and features of its before arrival to make sure that you will have a safe and convenient trip at here or any place base on your suitable ages as well as health. But if you travel to Sapa just to relax and enjoy the fresh air, then it is fine to travel with all ages because the fresh weather in Sapa is very nice and cool to do this.

travel tip to Sapa Vietnam

Normally it should not trek throughout some villages in Sapa if your age is 70 years old above

What needs for a complete trip?

Arrival to each destination at anywhere, you also should check about its terrain to prepare the best for your personal instruments such as the clothes, shoes, sandals…..Especially, if your trips visit the temples or pagodas at cities in countries of Southeast Asia, then you should wear or bring with you long enough dress to wear, because according to the policy at these hallow places is it is requested all tourists must wear long enough dress to allow entering to visit their historical sites. Besides temples or pagodas there are also some special places where also request the tourist have to wear the formal (long) dress to be entered such as Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum where is located in Ho Chi Minh Complex (Ho Chi Minh square) in Hanoi the capital of Vietnam, or Royal Palace in Cambodia where at the moment their kings lives and works at here…

what to wear when visit temples in Southeast Asia

Tourist should wear long enough clothes when visit temples or pagodas in Southeast Asia

In fact, almost tourist sites in each city of Southeast Asia is safe for you to visit, but sometimes there are sudden problems about the politic and security of places where you intend to visit so that you also should check some the most based information about each of your destination in each city before your arrival date at here, by this way you will have a chance to prepare everything better and ready welcome the most strange events of the place where you visit, for example Bangkok and Chiang Mai in Thailand are always the hot points in Asia about the political and cultural problems, normally there are still some sudden demonstrations which are still happened in these places in the past, so that you also should double check about these problems before set foot at here. Besides finding about the politic and security’s status of your destination, you also should find in advance about the daily habits and customs of the locals where you will visit to make sure that you do not behave wrong with the most simple things as well as it is easier for you to take part in the daily activities of the locals at your visiting places better, firstly you also should learn some local words of the places where you will visit such as some words about hello, shopping, thanks, goodbye….by this way the locals always feel you very friendly, then you will have a chance to contact and find about them more deeply.

With the family whose travel with kids also should prepare everything to make sure that the kids have their full enough instruments during their trips for example there are some kids whose always some snacks, toys beside them, then you also should not miss to bring it because it is very difficult to find and buy the same things like that at your destination in another country. Travel with kids, you always should bring some medical equipment such as medicine, gauzes for the cases they fall…..Especially, if your kids are too small, then a trolley is very necessary for you because you should not hold your kids in your arms during (all your time) your trekking or walking tours around the places so that it is very tired of you.

what is the best place to travel in the world?

Find out some information about the security of destination before your arrival date should be done

For each trip, although it is long or short you also need to bring the most useful things along with you such as phone, camera, passport….and you always should take all of these things beside you during your trip, and especially you should not forget it at any place such as on your room at hotel after check out hotel, on your cabin after leaving the boat (junk/ cruise), on the table after you leave dining-table….because if you forget these things, then it is also very difficult for you to find it again, the most your passport is you always must keep it along with you because when you lost it, it means that then it is very complicated for you to do the new one when you are traveling in another country, you will have to follow a lot of the steps and the different policy of a country where you are losing your passport to get a new passport. So that, anytime you leave from any place, then do not forget anything to avoid any bad case for you to be caused by your forgetting.

what need to bring for a trip?

The camera, phone, class….are necessary things which you should bring along your trip

Normally, all hotels do not allow the tourist (clients) wash your clothes in your rooms, so that if you do not bring enough your clothes during your trip, then you should (must) launder your dirty clothes directly at the hotel where you stay. But, if you want to save your money by laundering your dirty clothes, or with a short trip, then you also should bring enough your clothes.

Travel to any place, almost tourist prefer to buy at least some souvenirs at the place where they visit, but before you buy these, then you should check the space in your luggage to make sure that it is still enough space for your souvenirs (shopping) as well as the allowed weight of your flight tickets.

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