Things to Do in Danang

Danang overview

Danang is still considered as the most worthwhile city to live in Vietnam, this is a very clean and beautiful city with the long and romantic beaches as well as the natural and cultural sites such as My Khe beach, Non Nuoc beach, Ba Na Hills, Son Tra peninsula, Marble Mountain, My Son Holyland where is still called as “Angkor Wat” of Vietnam….Especially, Danang is located very nearby Hoi An (still called the old town of Hoi An) where is accepted by UNESCO as one of the cultural heritages sites in the world, it is just 35km from Danang to Hoi An by bus, it is very convenient for the tourist to catch a bus, taxi or even ride a bike from Danang to Hoi An. Further more, from Danang, it is also easy for you to head to Hue where you have a chance to find out about the historical structures of a lot of the different kings through the different dynasties of Vietnam. It takes just around 150km from Danang to Hue, you can catch a bus or train to go to Hue from Danang.

Attractions in Danang

There are many interested activities while you travel Danang, but firstly Danang is still known as a clean city with the beautiful beaches and the very good seafood so that you should not miss to finding some hotels or resorts which are located nearby these beaches to stay so that it is more convenient for you to relax and swim on these beaches anytime you want as well as enjoy the most special seafood in this friendly city. Besides the beautiful beaches, the locals in Danang is also known very friendly and hospitality, the locals at here are very truthful, it is not like as other cities in Vietnam or the other busy cities in the world, you will not have to worry anything about the bad cases such as robbing, snatching, begging, peddling….on the roads in Danang because this is a completely safe city.

things to do in Danang city Vietnam

My Khe beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world

If you are tourist whose prefer to play games or if you travel with kids, then you must travel to Ba Na Hill because this site is encompassed all the most interested and funniest games for you to enjoy. You just need to buy the ticket one time at the entrance gate, then it is free all games at here for you to play all day. Especially, travel Ba Na Hill you have a chance to go to the top of this hill by a very long cable car, it takes around until 20-25 minutes by the cable car at here, you will be quite surprised about the mighty mountainous landscapes from your cable car, you will be seen the primeval forest below your cable, below this primeval forest is a lot of the different trees and the long streams, it is very beautiful and especially. Ba Na hill is located on the top of a hill, and this site has four seasons in a day, so that you also should bring a thin jacket to wear in the case the weather is changed, especially there are a lot of the different kinds of flowers and many beautiful buildings at here, the sites are very beautiful so that you should not miss to taking photographs to keep for a memorial trip to Danang the most valuable city to live in Vietnam. There are also have the hotel in Ba Na Hill, so that if one day is not enough time for you to explore full activities and sites at here, then you are also possible to stay overnight at least one night on this beautiful hill to experience the special services and weather at here.

best sightseeing in Danang

It is a mighty view from Ba Na Hill

Special food in Danang

Travel to Danang, you must try the traditional local food at the famous restaurants at here such as Banh Trang Cuan Thit Heo Ba Huong at 2/9 street, Bun Bo O Loi at 38/53 Le Huu Trac Street, Bun Bo ba Dieu at Tran Tong Street, My Quang at 1A Hai Phong Street, Oc hut ba My at 30 Hoang Hoa Tham Street, Xoi Thinh at 122 Huynh Thuc Khang Street….If you are tourist whoes like the fresh seafood, then you should walk along the seaside of Danang anytime to find any restaurant to try this special food because there are many famous restaurants which are located along this seaside offer a lot of the different fresh seafood, the prices of seafood at here are also sold very good prices, and almost these restaurants at here are offered the similar prices together because if there is any restaurant which offers much higher price than other restaurants with the same goods, then they will be penalized by the government in Danang, so that you also do not worry about the prices of goods to be sold in Danang, they are requested to be sold very strictly.

special food in Danang Vietnam

Bun Bo is one of the local traditional dishes very famous in Danang

How to travel Danang

Danang is not a so large city so that it is also easy for you to discover this city by bus, a private car, taxi or even by bike. From the central of city, it is fine for you to catch a local bus, taxi or ride a bike to go to beach or the tourist sites such as Linh Ung Pagoda where is also considered as one of the most famous spirit sites in Danang, there are not only locals whose live in Danang prefer to visit this site everyday, but also there are a lot of Vietnamese whose live around Vietnam want to visit this site because this pagoda is said that it is very hallowed.

If you are tourist whose like an eventful life or find a nice night city is Danang is an ideal place where you are finding, this city is very crowded and night in the night, it is beautiful also a part is created by the special bridges at here, they are made very special and different from other cities in the world. You should come here to contemplate these special bridges and enjoy a cup of coffee behind and close these bridges in the night, it is very glistening and colorful.

Danang is available an international airport where is considered as one of the best international airports in the world, so that it is also very easy for you to travel Danang from anywhere around Vietnam or in the world, this international airport is also nearby the center of Danang so that it is also very easy for the tourist to move entering the center of Danang. And, although Danang is not a large city, it is encompassed full enough the best travel services of a beach city so that you should miss to traveling Danang when traveling Vietnam.

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