The Most Beautiful Tourist Destinations in Vietnam in Autumn and Winter

Not as hot and muggy as summer, nor as cold as winter; perhaps, the autumn is the most favourite season of a lot of people. In the autumn, the weather is cool with fresh air and therefore is the best time for traveling and sightseeing.

Following is the list of the beautiful tourists attractions in Vietnam where you should visit in the autumn- winter.

Coming to Ha Giang in the autumn to see the blooming buckwheat

Buckwheat blossoms bloom twice a year and  are popular in Cao Bang, Lao Cai and Ha Giang, and flourish in  mid-October in Ha Giang. Visiting Ha Giang at this time, you will have opportunities to admire buckwheat blossoms covered with a beautiful purple color.

Coming to Ha Giang in the autumn to see the blooming buckwheat - beautiful tourist destinations in Vietnam

From Hanoi, you can travel to Ha Giang by car or motorbike, according to travel experiences of people who have visited Ha Giang in buckwheat blossoms, you should go by motorcycle so that you can freely explore and admire beautiful scene here. However, you can also rent a motorbike, as there are many rental motorbikes with rental rates of 200,000 – 250,000 per day.

The buckwheat blossoms in Ha Giang are concentrated in the area of Dong Van – Meo Vac, Xi Man – Hoang Phu Sy. Normally, you will pay about 10,000 VND per person for a ticket to take photos with flowers. Note that when entering the buckwheat garden, absolutely do not step on the flowers, ask the owner of the garden if they are there and do not forget to pick up rubbish before leaving.

Travel Ha Giang  by yourselves, you can visit other famous tourist sites in Ha Giang such as: Sung La Valley, Dong Van ancient town, Dong Van stone plateau, and admire the beautiful ripe rice terraces.

Visiting Sapa in the late autumn

From Hanoi you can travel by motorbike, train or bus to Sapa.  In order to visit all the most attractive tourist attractions in Sapa, you should stay in Sapa 3 days 2 nights to be able to experience and explore this beautiful land.

Visiting Sapa in the late autumn

Coming to Sapa in autumn, you will be admired the golden ripe rice fields bending around the majestic, magnificent hills. At this time, visitors to Sapa often see the golden rice season and take photos to capture these beautiful moments.

Going to Sapa, you can not miss the market and enjoy the famous food in Sapa as thắng cố (a traditional food of the ethnics in Sapa and made of organs of horses), barbecue, wine (drunk with a tube), watch the fog on Ham Rong mountain, visit Silver Falls, O Quy Ho Pass, Muong Hoa valley, …

Admiring the tea hills in Moc Chau

Referring to Moc Chau Plateau, many people often think of the green tea hills along the green slopes which have became endless inspiration for the photographers and tourists, especially with backpackers.

Admiring the tea hills in Moc Chau

In Moc Chau plateau, tea is grown in the farm town. It is also one of the three areas that own impressive heart- shaped tea hills attracting the most tourists.

Moc Chau Highland is famous for the green tea hills stretching to the other side of the hill. It is absolutely correct to say that Moc Chau tea hills are the natural beauty, but it is not wrong to say Moc Chau tea hills have artificial beauty because the hands of the people, the tea farm workers have made such great masterpieces as S-shaped tea hill, heart- shaped tea hill on the road to Ngu Dong Ban On …

Dalat is most beautiful in the late autumn

Travelling to Da Lat at this time, you will admire the brilliant colors of wildflowers on the streets, along the hills wih the pink of cherry blossoms or mimosa blaze. Today, travelers to Da Lat not only to watch the scenery but also to enjoy the fresh moments of the air and feel the cold characteristic of Dalat in the late autumn.

Dalat is most beautiful in the late autumn

In addition, you should visit the other attractive destinations such as Valley of Love, Bao Dai Palace, Truc Lam Zen Monastery … and do not forget to enjoy Dalat specialties and strolling around night markets to buy items made from wool as gifts for relatives and friends.

Enjoying the sunny season in Phu Quoc

This is the tourist season in Phu Quoc and is the best time of the year with beautiful sunset. Travelling Phu Quoc in the fall; surely, you should not miss the exciting experiences such as fishing squid at night, snorkeling to see coral reefs and enjoying the delicious and famous seafood. Tourist destinations can not be ignored when traveling to Phu Quoc include Ham Ninh fishing village, Sao beach, Khem beach, Tranh stream, Da Ban stream, Ganh Dau cape, fish sauce production house, Phu Quoc Reservoir historical site…

Enjoying the sunny season in Phu Quoc

Since October is the peak tourist season in Phu Quoc, it is recommended that you book your hotel room to make the trip more complete.

Ba Be Lake

Ba Be lake is located near Ra Market, 40 km from Bac Kan town (Bac Kan province). In the early morning dew, walking along the small road around the lake, you will drop your soul into the wild nature with the immense primitive forests shining down to the blue lake, overlooking the distance, you will see stilthouses… The scenery here is easy to relate to the water paintings passionating people.

The Most Beautiful Tourist Destinations in Vietnam in Autumn and Winter

Come here, you will experience the fun when sitting on the small boat wriggling into the fuzzy Puong cave, contemplating and imagining the strange shapes created by thousands of stalactites. Leaving the cave, you can drop the soul on the vast waters of Ba Be watching the clouds of water. This place has been depicted as a watercolor painting that captivated many visitors from ancient to present.

Discovering romantic Hanoi capital in the fall

Hanoi in the autumn, yellow leaves fall, red tropical almond leaves cover the streets…

There are so many reasons why we must come to Hanoi whenever the autumn returns. Hanoi is beautiful, romantic, ancient and Hanoi is full of poetry in the autumn.

Hanoi after autumn rain

In the fall, Hanoi weather is cool, autumn is the best season for traveling in Hanoi, because spring is always wet with drizzling rain, the winter is freezing and the summer is sultry and hot. Meanwhile, autumn days are cool, not very cold, you can go in the wind breeze along the windy West Lake, walk around the Sword Lake or go on the street full of milk flowers fragrance.

In Hanoi in the autumn, because the weather is a bit cold, if you go to Hanoi this occasion, you should also wear long sleeves or bring light jacket to ensure health.

One reason that visitors always want to travel to Hanoi in the autumn is that, this occasion, Hanoi is passionated in the milk flowers. Go along the streets of Ba Trieu, Quang Trung, Nguyen Tri Phuong, Quan Thanh, Tran Dai Nghia in the evening, you will feel that the milk flower season has come.

Not only do the smell of milk flowers attract tourists. Walking around the Sword Lake, you can see the buds of vines blooming splendidly in autumn colors. You will see two loc vung (Barringtonia racemosa) trees on the banks of the lake considered as treasures of the capital. Every move of the tree attracts a lot of attention from both the photographer and the people. At the end of winter, Barringtonia racemosa buds change the bright yellow leaves, in late autumn, red flowers blooming as the curtains falling down to the water.

Visiting Hanoi, in addition to feeling the nature in the wonderful weather, discovering famous historical sites, guests should also purchase special autumn specialties of Hanoi.

Among the typical gifts of Hanoi, ripe sấu (dracontomelum) fruits and cốm (green rice flakes) of Vong village are most frequently mentioned. Watching the golden ripe sấu fruit along with chili salted bag, the women can not control their crave. Walking along the streets of Hanoi, you also encounter the vendors selling rice flakes. The flake is wrapped in taro leaves, lotus leaves, tied with straw to prevent drying. The gift is more interesting for the South friends with cooked ripe with some packs of nuggets.

Lan Ha Bay

Lan Ha Bay in Cat Ba Island is also the most beautiful bay in the fall because the weather in autumn is the ideal time for visitors to visit, feel the poetic landscape, gentle climate, sea water as green pearl … of this place.

Lan Ha bay in Cat Ba island

The scenery of Lan Ha Bay is like a paradise with small rock islands, smooth white sand beaches, floating houses, small boats of fishermen and crystal clear waters. Lan Ha autumn will bring visitors a sense of closeness, harmony with nature.

Coming here in the autumn, visitors can sail to discover Cai Beo floating village located near Beo wharf , Cat Ba to see and hear the sounds of small boats running back and forth, watch the fishing boats catching squids with electric lights hanging on the bamboo poles.

Peaceful autumn in Trang An Scenic Complex

In the fall, along the waterline surrounding the mountains is the season of lotus blossoms outstanding on the blue sky creating beautiful natural scenery.

Peaceful autumn in Trang An Scenic Complex

The ecotourism, nature discovery combined with the history of struggle, the construction and prenting the country and spiritual culture around the temple, the anecdotes about the names of the caves … have created a green attractive Trang An complex with a lot of potentials in the land of Vietnam.

Visiting provinces in the South West region

Every year, from November to November, tourists from the South to the North go to the Southwest region to find peaceful and green moments. The floating season not only brings the people of the West with beautiful paintings, but also brings here precious natural gifts such as anchovies, wildflowers, white flowers … This is also an opportunity for visitors to explore the attractive tourist attractions with the river.

Phong Dien floating market

Coming to the South West, you will extremely excited when travelling on small boats, picking and enjoying the ripe and fresh fruits in the fruit gardens. In addition to enjoying the scenery here, you also enjoy many specialties which can only be found in the riverside gardens such as grilled fish, Soc Trang sauce noodle soup, My Tho noodles , …

In the West, you should go to Cai Rang, Phong Dien floating markets during the day, and stroll Ninh Kieu wharf at night, and then sit silently listening to đàn ca tài tử (folk songs). You will feel the strange charm of this river land.

Do not own yellow leaves covering the space, red leaves ringing in the wind, but autumn in the homeland of Vietnam has its own unique charms: the autumn in Ha Noi with milk flowers, the autums- the water season  in the Southwest full of fish and shrimp, the high northern regions immersed in the golden color of rice….

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