Top 10 destinations to visit in Myanmar

Myanmar is known as the sacred land of Buddhism, where have many famous golden pagodas, simple people living a peaceful life in the land of peace and also a place for travelers to look for the serenity, get away from lavish, noisy, hustling and bustling urban area.

Where to go in Myanmar is the question asked by many visitors. So shortly, I will present to you the top 10 places to go when you join a pilgrimage trip to the land of Buddhism so that you can enjoy the full beauty of this sacred place.

Top 10 destinations to visit in Myanmar bellow:


Bagan Myanmar - Top destinations to Visit in Myanmar

A hot air balloon in the city of Bagan, Myanmar

Referring to Myanmar, tourists would think of the ancient capital of Bagan, the capital of the first dynasty, built by King Anawrahta in 1044. Bagan has more than 2,000 temples, stupas spreading over an area of 42 km2 along the east bank of Ayeyarwaddy river. The works were built from the 9th century to the 13th century with intricate sculptural details showing the cultural characteristics of the people of Myanmar.


Myanmar’s largest city is quite modern, but it still retains the classic, traditional features. Here, travelers should visit Bogyoke Aung San market, Shwedagon Pagoda, and enjoy sidewalk dining. Yangon is the gateway to Myanmar with direct airlines to major cities in Asia.

Shwedagon Pagoda,Yangon-Myanmar

Shwedagon Pagoda, Yangon-Myanmar

Shwedagon Pagoda is the holiest Buddhist work in Myanmar. The monks, families, and Buddhists consider the pilgrimage to Shwedagon Pagoda like the Muslims recognize the need to visit Mecca once in a lifetime. The temple preserves 4 treasures for Buddhists: the rod of Kakusandha Buddha, the water filtration devices of Koṇāgamana Buddha, the piece of cloth of Kassapa Buddha, and 8 hairs of Shakyamuni Buddha.


Kuthodaw & Atum ash kyaung Mandalay, Myanma

Kuthodaw & Atum ash Kyaung Mandalay, Myanmar

This is the last capital of Myanmar, located 700 km from Yangon to the north, between Ayeyarwaddy river and Shan Plateau. Mandalay is considered the cultural center of Burma people, a city of craftsmen and also a bustling trading post. Apart from royal palaces and religious buildings, visitors can go to Amarapura, Mingun, Inwa and Sagaing from Mandalay.

#4.U Bein Bridge

As one of the most famous and most recognizable sites in Myanmar, U Bein Bridge is one of the locations that you should come to visit at least once if have a chance to Mandalay. Not only is U Bein the longest teak bridge in the world, it was also voted as the best location to see the sunset. Visiting and watching the sunset will be a great opportunity that you get to experience in your Myanmar trip.

U Bein Bridge in Mandalay Myanmar. Top 10 destinations to visit in Myanmar

U Bein Bridge in Mandalay Myanmar.

U Bein was built to connect the two banks of Taungthaman river. It has a length of 1.2 km with more than 1,000 pillars and thousands of teak planks. U Bein is a familiar location of the local Amarapura villagers who commute through the bridge every day. The two poles of the bridge also have a lot of temples, so you will also see the monks walking on the bridge, chatting and watching the sunset every afternoon.

As the most beautiful place to see the sunset, you will have the chance to admire the magnificent scenery of the sunset from U Bein Bridge. Walking on the bridge, you can see the sun slowly sinking into the vast space and leaving the brilliant array of red, orange in the sky. Surely, this will be a satisfactory experience for an afternoon on the legendary U Bein bridge.

#5.Mount Popa and Taung Kalat monastery

Situated near Bagan in central Myanmar, Popa is an extinct volcano with a height of more than 1,500 meters above sea level. Taung Kalat is built right on top of the mountain, so tourists who are brave to climb up 777 steps to Taung Kalat monastery will admire the surrounding panorama. In addition to being a tourist destination, a monastery is a place of pilgrimage. It is believed that the Taung Ma-gyi is the home of the Nat gods.

Mount Popa - Taung Kalat - Top 10 destinations in Myanmar

Taung Kalat is a sheer-sided volcanic plug of Mount Popa, which rises about 730 meters.

The legend of Popa mountain is still very long and is part of Burmese culture. The popularity of the worship custom atop Popa is an illustration of the fact that the ancient tradition still plays an important role in our daily lives and becomes characteristic for Burmese culture even beyond the National border.

#6.Ngapali Beach

This is a romantic beach of 7km length with white sand in green coconut trees, where has turquoise sea wave clapping.

Ngapali Beach - Top 10 destinations in Myanmar

Beach vendor at Ngapali Beach Thandwe, Myanmar

It is also the most famous beach in Myanmar. Besides swimming, walking, exploring the surrounding natural landscape, you can also indulge in excursions such as visiting the small fishing villages and local markets, or exploring the countryside by a small and convenient bike, even take a boat trip to the splendid offshore islands if you have more money.

#7.Ngwe Saung Beach

It can be said that, Ngwe bright as a new destination on the tourist map of Myanmar. Here, you will discover the pristine beaches and quiet shores of the Indian Ocean.

Ngwe Saung beach, Myanmar - Top 10 destinations in Myanmar

Ngwe Saung beach, Myanmar

When you’re tired of lying on the beach, snorkeling for reefs or walking in the last cell of the island will make you more interested and energetic. Apart from that, you can hire a car/ motorbike to explore this 15 km long beach and drive in the area of hard rock and have a simply leisure experience- walking along the stretching coast.

#8.Mrauk U

Mrauk U, the capital of Akaran in 1430, is surrounded by tropical forests and massive mountains. You can hire a ferry from the locals and spend about 5 hours sitting in the boat along Kaladan river from Sittwe capital to reach this spot. Kaladan river is peaceful, tranquil with green trees on both sides.

 Mrauk U - Myanmar - Top 10 destinations in Myanmar

Study the past if you want divine the future. Shot was taken in Mrauk U – Myanmar

Locals here still live and cultivate on the land of more than 700 ancient temples. Setting foot on Mrauk U, we are like getting lost in the world of mystery. It has the temples with 80,000 or even 90,000 Buddha statues. The most famous place for pilgrimage here is Mahamuni Pagoda, where the Buddha stopped and Akaran people asked him to carve a statue of him with the shape of a normal man.

#9.Inle Lake

Inle (or Inlay), meaning “large lake” in Burmese, is located in central Shan State, about 40 kilometers from the city of Taung-Kyi, the capital Shan state to the south. The Lake is located at an altitude of about 889 meters above sea level, surrounded by high mountains, and has an area of approximately 220 km2. The deepest part of the lake is about 6 m, the water level varies seasonally, the difference between the dry season (May), and full water season (August) is about 1.2 m.

Inle Lake - top 10 destinations in Myanmar

Fisherman in action when fishing in the Inle Lake

Inle Lake is not only a beautiful natural landscape but is also the habitat of INTHAR ethnic (a minority of Myanmar). INTHAR means “people who live on the lake” in Myanmar language. Fro thousands of years, Inle Lake has been the place where all activities of the social life of the INTHAR take place.

#10.Golden Rock Temple

Golden Rock Temple (Temple Kyaikhtiyo) is one of the very famous monuments of Myanmar and is classified into one of the very few natural masterpieces. The temple is located on the top of Kyaikhtiyo mountain with an altitude of over 1,000m above sea level and over 200 km from Yangon. Kyaikhtiyo temple is located on an egg-shaped rock on the protruding slopes of the mountains of the same name. Many people believe that the temple was built during Buddha’s lifetime, over 2500 years ago.

Golden Rock - Top 10 destinations in Myanmar

Golden Rock is the buddhism famous place in Myanmar.

Attached to the golden rock is an interesting and mysterious legend of the Buddha coming here to teaching people about the Buddhism. Therefore, when there is also a large number of people to visit, worship, and carry out ceremonies. A special thing is that the attached surface between the rock and the ground is only 78 cm².

Myanmar (or Burma) is the sacred land of Buddhism with Golden temples, the monks in red and ancient monasteries. Besides, a lot of beautiful natural landscapes of this country are also the highlights attracting visitors from all over the world. Going through the wooden bridge U Bein, sunbathing on Ngapali beach, watching people fishing on Inle Lake… are the experiences visitors should try when coming to Myanmar./.

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