Four Beaches Tourists Should Visit in Quang Tri

Quang Tri is not only famous for the revolutionary historical sited, this land also owns many beautiful beaches with clear waters and affordable service prices such as Cua Tung and Cua Viet.

Followings are 4 beautiful beaches in Quang Tri that you should not miss if you have the opportunity to come to this land.

Cua Tung Beach, Vinh Linh District

Cua Tung Beach is located in An Duc village, Vinh Quang commune, Vinh Linh district, Quang Tri province. It is approximately 30 km from Dong Ha to the beach to the north, and then another 10 km further from Co Me. Many young people catching buses to Dong Ha – Quang Tri usually rent a motorbike at the hotel in the province and ride to Cua Tung to enjoy the cool air of the sea and visit Vinh Moc Tunnels which is 4 km away.

Quang Tri

The curved beach stretches about 1km with smooth sand, gentle slope and clear blue water. Like the other beaches, Cua Tung has row of houses, many of which are motels with spacious front yard with affordable price. In French colonial times, Cua Tung was selected to be the destination to relax at weekend of the French. So far, there has been the house called Thua Luong Cua Tung where King Duy Tan of Nguyen Dynasty stayed during his holiday.

Cua Viet Beach, Do Linh district

About 15 km from Dong Ha city, Cua Viet beach is located in the territory of Gio Viet commune, Gio Linh district, Quang Tri province. Cua Viet stretches with wide beaches, white sand, clean water nest to the green pine forests.

Quang Tri

In the scorching heat of the Laos wind (Foehn wind) and white sand, soaking in the blue water, walking on the charming white sand beaches, engaging in water games, enjoying nutritious seafood, delicious … would be refreshing moments, unforgettable experiences that all the visitors coming here want to have. Cua Viet sea has light waves, and the services are at an affordable price. Seafood here is fresh and tasty, especially the lobster.

 Gia Dang Beach, Trieu Phong district

Referring to Gia Dang beach, few people know this landmark, but if talking about the fish sauce, this place has long been famous.

Gia Dang Beach is in Trieu Lang commune, Trieu Phong district, Quang Tri province. It has long been attached to Gia Dang village where is famous for producing fish sauce, has been newly exploited into tourism with the beach for a few years. Gia Dang sea has blue water, mild waves.

Coming to Gia Dang beach, you can stay in the affordable hostels or stay in houses of local people, have family meals made from fresh seafood caught in each morning and do not forget to buy some delicious sauce to bring home as gifts.

My Thuy Beach, Hai Lang district

My Thuy beach is located in Hai An Commune, 18 km from Hai Lang town to the east and about 50 km from Hue city to the northeast. This is a beach with a long, smooth and clean, white sand carrying the full rawness of exotic charm.

Quang Tri

Coming to My Thuy, besides enjoying delicious seafood, you can also enjoy a variety of Quang Tri specialties such as “lọc” porridge, eat in the delicious restaurants located along Highway 1 turning to the town of Hai Lang.

Clean and beautiful environment, friendly and hospitable people are the favorable factors for tourism development of My Thuy, especially in the hot weather of a tropical country like Vietnam. During “rush” season, while the famous beaches in neighboring Hue city are too crowded with tourists, many people go to My Thuy beach to enjoy some peace, relax.

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