5 Ancient and Famous Markets in Sai Gon

In addition to the historical and architectural values, the markets below are considered the busiest trading places of Saigon attracting tourists to go shopping and visit. 5 Ancient and Famous Markets in Sai Gon bellow :

  1. Ben Thanh Market

 Presented in the list of typical places of Ho Chi Minh city, Ben Thanh Market (Le Loi Street, District 1) is always an interesting shopping stop for those who have the opportunity to come to Saigon, this is also one of the oldest markets here.

Ben Thanh Market - Famous Markets in Sai Gon

Operated from 1914 to the present, this 100-year-old market is not a busy trading place, but also a historical witness witnessing many changes, ups and downs of the city and is a harmony between ancient and modern Saigon . It has items, from clothing and footwear, textiles, handicraft items, brocade, jewelry to specialty dishes.

With long traditional values,  the market attracts many foreign tourists to visit and shop. Here, you will encounter all kinds of languages used to exchange trading. In the evening, the area around Ben Thanh market is gathered to be a busy night market creating a vibrant and colorful Saigon.

  1. Binh Tay Market

 The market is located at the western gateway of the city (Thap Muoi Road, District 6), and  is always one of the destinations marked on tourist maps of many visitors. Operated since 1930, the market was built in both architecture of oriental style. The curved roof corners are styled as oriental temples with yin and yang and ancient tiles, which is both ventilated and cool. A special feature of the market is that there is a vast sky courtyard in the middle market creating cool spaces and providing harmoniously natural sunlight.

Binh Tay Market - Famous Markets in Sai Gon

Apart from the features of architecture, Binh Tay Market is one of the busiest focal centers of Saigon with a variety of items. It attracts the majority of professional buyers and sellers by the majority of goods here are wholesaled and transferred to the Southwest provinces.

  1. Tan Dinh Market

This market bearing traces the history of the city has always been a famous and familiar shopping venue of the many people in Saigon. Built in 1926, the main gate of the market , located on Hai Ba Trung Street, District 1,was designed quite nicely.

Tan Dinh Market - Famous Markets in Sai Gon

Tan Dinh market is a business location of many items, in which the most famous sections are cloth and cuisine. Food stalls in this market have always been highly appreciated by customers due to various tasty and appealing dishes. Especially, Tan Dinh market is always the choice of many families and tourists coming from everywhere when they have the need to buy cheap cloth.

  1. An Dong Market

As one of the central markets of the city (located on An Duong Vuong Street, District 5), An Dong Market occupies the hearts of many old people who once attached to Saigon. With over 56 years of existence, An Dong Market greatly contributes to the circulation of goods in the downtown area of Saigon.

An Dong Market - Famous Markets in Sai Gon

If visitors need to buy the latest fashion designs, An Dong Market is the most appropriate place because many people have claimed  that the fastest fashion models such as clothing, footwear, textiles … are updated in this market.

  1. Ba Chieu Market

As one of the oldest retail markets in Saigon, located on Bach Dang Street, the name of this market is close to a lot of people in Saigon and Binh Thanh area since ancient times. As a well- located market, daily, it attracts a large number of visitors who go shopping and go sightseeing.

Ba Chieu Market - Famous Markets in Sai Gon

The main shopping goods sold in the markets are clothing, footwear, fruits and food. With the relatively cheap price, the market is appropriate for all people. In particular, Ba Chieu Market has the night market which is prettily busy. The night market is not opened in roofed houses but the goods which are mainly clothes, shoes and night food are sold in the front of the market. At night, the night market becomes more bustling by items such as flowers, fruit is transported and gathered at the market.

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