Thac Ba Lake is a manmade lake in Vietnam.

Thac Ba Lake, Yen Bai, Travel Guide Thac Ba Lake, Yen Bai, Travel Guide

Thac ba lake is a community tourism destination during travel in Vietnam.

Thac Ba Lake, Yen Bai, Travel Guide Thac Ba Lake, Yen Bai, Travel Guide

Thac ba lake was created in the middle of the mountain during the construction of electrical dam in 1970.

Thac Ba Lake, Yen Bai, Travel Guide Thac Ba Lake, Yen Bai, Travel Guide

The length of Thac ba lake is 80 km.

Thac Ba Lake, Yen Bai, Travel Guide Thac Ba Lake, Yen Bai, Travel Guide

The climate of Thac ba lake is so fresh among the big surface of shimmering water reflecting a thousand islands.

Thac Ba Lake, Yen Bai, Travel Guide Thac Ba Lake, Yen Bai, Travel Guide

Thac ba lake with the charm of the pristine beauty awaits your exploration.

Thac Ba Lake, Yen Bai, Travel Guide Thac Ba Lake, Yen Bai, Travel Guide

Thac ba is the perfect stop for travelers who love the natural landscape in fluvial space.

Thac Ba Lake, Yen Bai, Travel Guide Thac Ba Lake, Yen Bai, Travel Guide

Hydropower projects of northwest Vietnam not only supply electricity for people’ daily lives but also create man-made hydropower reservoirs with the excellent beauty. Thac Ba Lake (Yen Bai Province) – the precious jewel, is a typical example. This is a perfect stop for those who love the pristine beauty of northwest nature.

Lying in the territory of 2 districts Yen Binh and Luc Yen of Yen Bai Province, Thac Ba Lake has been formed since the electrical dam was constructed in 1970. The total area of the lake is about 23,400 hectares in which the water surface area is 19,050 hectares. The lake is 80km in length, 20-29m in depth and has over 1,300 islands in various sizes. There are splendid caves along temples attached to the longstanding legend of indigenous people on limestone mountains and islands.

From Hanoi City, tourists can easily reach Thac Ba Lake which is 80km from the capital (along National Highway No 2). It seems to be an unforgettable destination of travelers in the journey to explore the northwest upland.

By taking a boat trip around islands, visitors will have the opportunity to feel the fresh air, cool breeze and admire deep green jungles interleaving with smalls islands – a lovely picture of the fluvial space. In this space, humans will feel more relaxed, especially when seeing small houses nestling into the cliffs. Inside the caves, series of stalactites, stalagmites and wells boast the sparkling and magical beauty. All of them forms a “stone stage” which is attractive enough to steal the heart of visitors. 

The journey also takes tourists to famous historical sites surrounding the lake like Thac Ba Temple or Sao Pagoda. Coming here and lighting an incense stick, tourists will have the sense of serenity and love for life. Besides admiring the scenery of the lake, visitors can also discover the majestic Cao Bien Linh Son Mountain Range. There is nothing more wonderful than standing on the peak and seeing the sunrise or sunset glow. In addition, natural forests on the mountain will bring travelers the true feelings of the majesty of a land with the mixed beauty of Northwest Region and North Midlands. On the limestone mountains, there are many cave with hundreds years of age, attached to the legends like Thuy Tien, Xuan Long, Thac Ba, Thac Ong Cave. Climbing to the apex of the cave, visitors will have a chance to admire  Chay River winding through the mountainside and villages with lush fields in Yen Binh District.

On the other hand, Thac Ba is a well-known tourist spot for not only its gorgeous landscape but the cultural identity of Tay, Nung, Cao Lan and Dao peoples here. The alluvium deposited by Chay River has created thriving villages surrounding the lake and formed a cultural community with unique festivals and customs. Arriving at Thac Ba Lake, enjoying the life of natives and tasting delicious foods processed from fresh fisheries (tortoise, hemibagrus…) will become memorable experiences in tourists’ discovery.

With many high-quality tourism services of Hao Gia, Dong Tam or Hanh Hoa Vien Hotel, this beauty spot can meet the demand of all tourists for a holiday or vacation. Trust me! Spend your time in Thac Ba Lake and you will never regret of this choice.

Being one of 3 largest artificial lakes and a potential ecotourism spot, this landscape is considered a Ha Long Bay on the mountain. With the pristine and charming beauty, Thac Ba Lake always invites travelers to come here and discover all interesting things. It is no exaggeration to say that it is an ideal destination of Northwest Upland for those who are interested in nature, especially riverscapes.

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