The Ideal Tourist Destinations in the Autumn

The weather transforming itself into the autumn is also an ideal time to plan a trip to explore the beauty of three regions of the country. If you are wondering, please refer to the suggestions on attractive destinations below!

  1. Ban Gioc Waterfall
Ban Gioc Waterfall , Ban Gioc Waterfall in Cao Bang

Arrive at Ban Gioc, you will marvel at its spectacular beauty, which is worth to be the Vietnam’s most beautiful waterfall.

Visiting Ban Gioc waterfall in the autumn, you will admire the beautiful scenery like a painting with a white rushing waterfall and bright yellow leaf forests. Do not forget to explore the lives of the Tay ethnic group and enjoy special dishes. Surely, you will have an extremely interesting experience when arriving here.

  1. Hanoi


In the four seasons, Hanoi is most beautiful in the autumn. It is not without reason that people often refer to te autumn in Hanoi. At that time, you will enjoy a chilly atmosphere, wander the streets with yellow leaves and smell the passionating fragrance of milk flower in the wind. If going to Hanoi this occasion, do not forget to enjoy the autumn specialties like nuggets of Vong Village or fried clam- worm.

  1. Ba Be Lake
Thac Ba Lake, Yen Bai, Travel Guide

The length of Thac ba lake is 80 km.

Ba Be Lake is 40 km from Bac Kan town. Here, you will sit on a small boat to wriggle Puong cave, admire the beautiful natural fascinating stalactites. Leaving the cave, you should go sightseeing in vast Ba Be lake, majestic mountains and the stunning natural scenery. Ba Be lake would be the most ideal choice for you to temporarily escape from the noisy life and delight daydreaming along the river here.

  1. Halong
Titop Island, Halong Bay

Beach at the base of the Dao Ti Top Island which we climbed, Halong Bay.

Halong Bay is in the top of 25 most popular destinations in Asia and was awarded Asia Destination Awards in 2013. Visiting Ha Long Bay – one of the 7 natural wonders of the world, you will find a extensive charming natural space. Coming to Ha Long, you will be enchanted by the magic of nature with majestic limestone mountains, miraculous cave system and the sandy beaches stretching. All of them have created an extremely unique and fanciful gulf where can not be found elsewhere.

  1. Hue

Truong Tien Hue

Hue – the calm and serene ancient capital- appears with the image of the winding roads along the green trees. Once in Hue, you will be surely fascinated by the palaces, temples covered by green moss, historical stories about the origins, about the struggles agaist the ivaders of the nation. To feel all the greatest thing in Hue, you should once visit this land of dreams.

The autumn in Hue is extremely romantic. The gentle golden sunshine covers the trees, lawns and the ancient temples. In about September, Hue often welcomes the sudden rain but the rains also stop very quickly and leave a great blue sky. If you go to Hue in a fall day, do not forget to see the beautiful sunset on Huong river or on the Tam Giang Lagoon, listen to the sweet traditional songs of Hue.

  1. Hoi An

Hoi An Cycling Tour

Along with Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh city and Ha Long Bay, Hoi An has entered the top of 25 most popular destinations in Asia and was awarded Asia Destination Awards 2013.

Coming to Hoi An, tourists can admire the panoramic peaceful beauty of an ancient city, a bustling trading port of Hoi An in XVI, XVII centuries and of a place recognized as world cultural heritage by UNESCO.

You can enjoy the autumn in Hoi An by getting up really early to feel the cool air, to see the sunrise, to feel the excitement of the people here preparing for a new working day. The atmosphere in Hoi An in the early autumn morning is fresh, peaceful, which will make you forget all your worries in life and feel that the life is more beautiful.

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