Kampot's main draw is its relaxing riverside setting.

Kampot, Cambodia, Phnom Penh Kampot, Cambodia, Phnom Penh

Kampot province is located in the Southwest of the country.

Kampot, Cambodia, travel Kampot, Cambodia, travel

The provincial capital is named Kampot and sits near the base of the abundant green Elephant Mountains and the famous Bokor Hill Station.

Kampot, Cambodia, Travel Kampot, Cambodia, Travel

The Kampot area also offers several other attractions including pre-Angkorian ruins and caves.

Kampot, Cambodia, Travel Kampot, Cambodia, Travel

All Kampot transportation is concentrated within the range of the market cycle, motors...

Kampot, Cambodia, Travel Kampot, Cambodia, Travel

Kampot is the cutest little riverside town.

Kampot, Cambodia Kampot, Cambodia

Cambodia travel has been so famous with two big cities: Phnom Penh and Siem Reap. That might be the reason why many tourists don’t know or forget the existence of Kampot – a beautiful and peaceful land. Retaining a lot of French architectures, Kampot is really an ideal destination for tourists who want to escape the hustle and bustle of cities and look for the tranquility.

This is the name of a province in the southwest of Cambodia. It is located several kilometers from the Gulf of Thailand. Its provincial capital is also named Kampot and sits near the base of the abundant green Elephant Mountains and the famous Bokor Hill Station. From Sihanoukville, it takes tourists about 2 hours (by bus) to arrive at Kampot. Now I will reveal to you some attractive destinations and top things to do in this province.

The first landscape that we can’t miss is the Kampot River running through the central town. When the purple sunset falls, the harmonious beauty of sunlight and blue fishing boats creates an extremely poetic picture. Admiring the scenery of twilight and enjoying the peaceful space here are a must-try experience in Kampot.

Another outstanding tourist spot in Kampot is Bokor Plateau lying at the altitude of 1,080m above the sea level. It is about 10km southwest of Kampot Town.  This place has cool climate and is covered with clouds throughout the year. Bokor has a wonderful location to admire the view of Kep, Kampot Sea and Phu Quoc Island of Vietnam. Besides the pleasant atmosphere, Bokor is also appealing with interesting activities like admiring ancient architectures looming in the fog, villas built by Sihanouk King for relaxation or visiting the national park…In 1990s, Bokor was dubbed “the weirdest place in the world” or “the ghost city” because of its mysteriousness. Casinos, resorts, high-quality hotels, churches, temples or palaces are all available for you to go sightseeing. Don’t forget to discover the stone in the shape of human face or the giant Goddess statue halfway up the mountain – the sacred religious symbols of locals.

There are also many limestone caves in Kampot, of which the most special one is Phnom Chhngok. It has been not much exploited for tourism yet. Inside the cave is an ancient shrine. Climbing to the cave, tourists will have a good view of the beauty of a tranquil countryside.

When it comes to a land, people often think of not only landmarks but also specialties and it is not an exemption. Pepper and durian are two specialties of this land. From Kampot to Kep, you will come across the garden of pepper and durian on the way. Pepper here is so fragrant and spicy, so it is an indispensable spice to cook delicious foods. Kampot durian is tasty and not too sweet. Therefore, this is a favorite stop of visitors in order that they can buy pepper and durian as gifts for their relatives.

On the way to Sihanoukville coastal city, travelers can visit the famous Kampot market. It is full of stalls and commodities, but the most prominent one must be durians. In addition, the market also sells other fruits such as rambutan, apricot, mangosteen… What a paradise of tropical fruits!

If you are a travel lover, Kampot must be on your list of must-see destinations. Not too beautiful, not too mesmerizing, but Kampot is attractive enough to make you believe that having a trip to this province is a right choice. Over the time, it has become one of the favorite tourist spots in Cambodia, especially chosen by backpackers. Let’s go to experience this destination now!

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