Titop Island in Halong Bay
Titop Island, Halong Bay Titop Island, Halong Bay
Beach at the base of the Dao Ti Top Island which we climbed, Halong Bay.
Titop Island, Halong Bay Titop Island, Halong Bay
After the monkeying around, we headed back down to the Titop Beach.
Titop Island, Halong Bay Titop Island, Halong Bay
"Top" view of Halong Bay from the peak of Dao Ti Top Island.
Titop Island, Halong Bay Titop Island, Halong Bay
Climbed to the top of the Dao Ti Top Island for an overview of Halong Bay.
Titop Island, Halong Bay Titop Island, Halong Bay
A view of Halong Bay from the beach of Dao Ti Top Island, Halong Bay.
Titop, Island, Halong Bay Titop, Island, Halong Bay

Ti Top island overview 

Ti Top Island is located in Halong Bay, which is designated by UNESCO as one of the world’s natural heritage sites. This location is approximately 7-8 kilometers southeast of the Bai Chay ferry.

Ti Top Island is now one of the most well-known and popular attractions on your Halong Bay cruise, it attracts a large number of both domestic and foreign tourists who prefer to explore and swim on the islands after visiting Halong Bay.

The history of Ti Top island

In 1962, Uncle Ho named Ti Top Island after a Russian outer space hero who visited Ti Top Island with Uncle Ho that year. To commemorate this visit, Uncle Ho named the island Ti Top Island after this Russian outer space hero. In contrast to other Halong Bay destinations, Ti Top Beach includes a very wonderful beach in addition to a beautiful natural landscape.

Although Ti Top Island is not very large, it is very special with its quiet space, ventilated, and very clean because it is cleaned by the tide up and down every day, so the seawater here is very blue and clear all year.

Activities on Ti Top island and the best time to visit 

When tourists arrive at Ti Top Island, they have the option of trekking to the top of the island to see the entire landscape surrounding this area. Because of all of these characteristics, this island attracts a large number of visitors each year. Foreign tourists, in particular, prefer to visit Ti Top Island to swim and relax; they feel very unique when they visit Ti Top Island.

On the cool days, almost only foreign tourists appear because the cold weather in Vietnam is not like the cold weather in a foreign country, the cold weather in Vietnam is sometimes just a little cool even if there are some days very sunny and it is still fine for you to swim, and the cold weather or the winter in Vietnam almost does not have the storm or much rains, so this island is an ideal destination and it is truly a private island. So, you can visit Ti Top Island on any date of the month or year, and it will still be very beautiful.

Souvenirs on Ti Top island

If it is difficult for you to purchase souvenirs while cruising on the boat, you can do so at Ti Top Island, where there are many different types of souvenirs to be found, such as clothes with images of Halong Bay that are very nice, neck lakes made of real pearls that are very luxury and special…..

Ti Top island also provides many bathing costumes for customers who forget or do not bring them when swimming here, so even though this island is not large, it has plenty of space for you to swim, relax, and buy souvenirs to remember your wonderful trip to Ti Top island in Halong Bay Vietnam.

Every day, up to tens of cruises transport tourists to Ti Top Island to visit and relax. As a result, almost every trip to Halong Bay considers Ti Tops Island to be one of the most famous sights that must be included on their cruise trips.

And, if you visit Halong Bay, don’t forget to visit Ti Top Island at least once to experience this unique island, which is both a natural wonder and a historical landmark in both Vietnam and Halong Bay.

How to travel to Ti Top Island in Halong Bay?

Ti Top Island is located in Halong Bay, so you should visit this site by taking a cruise trip of two days and one night, or three days and two nights on a Halong Bay cruise ship.


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