Ma Tra village
Ma Tra village Ma Tra village

Ma Tra Village overview

Ma Tra Village, which is home to the H’mong (or Mong) people, is a typical village with a distinct cultural identity. It appears to be a mysterious location that draws tourists, particularly foreign visitors.

The beauty of Ma Tra is hidden in fog and fluffy white clouds, blending with ancient French architecture to create one-of-a-kind Sa Pa tourism features. This town is popular not only for its Western architectural style but also for the cultural space of ethnic minorities in small villages located in separate valleys.

How to travel to Ma Tra Village?

The Mong people’s village of Ma Tra locates 5 kilometers southeast of Sa Pa Town (on the way to Lao Cai Province). The tourist route connecting this village and Ta Phin (the Red Dzao people’s village) attracts a large number of visitors each year because it allows them to learn about the residents’ lives while also admiring the natural surroundings.

The village has about 50 households and is entirely Mong and is currently forging its own cultural identity by absorbing distinctive characteristics and abandoning antiquated practices. By assembling folk artists, the village has formed a performance team. This team consists of young people who are well-versed in history, customs, and habits.

Attractions and activities in Ma Tra Village

Ma Tra Village, likewise, has revived traditional crafts such as weaving, forging manufacturing tools, and silver carving. Ma Tra is one of the villages in the new countryside movement that has a concrete road connecting to the commune and culture house, facilitating tourism development.

After trekking for about 5 kilometers along the main road from the center of Sa Pa, tourists will be able to admire the breathtaking panorama of the entire valley. Since a 15-kilometer highway was built over ten years ago, visitors have found it much easier to visit Ma Tra village (about half an hour).

If you seek adventure, however, you can follow a trait that leads you to walk on the high hill path around the valley rather than the normal road. This is an incredible opportunity to learn about the real lives of the people who live here while also having unforgettable experiences.

Another fascinating aspect of this village is the chance to visit Mong’s primary schools and meet little children with beautiful smiles. Going sightseeing and admiring the many beautiful landscapes is also something memorable. Green terraces near Ta Phin Village, rustic local houses, farmers working hard on vast fields, happy children…these are common sights in this village. They are not particularly distinctive, but they are appealing enough to keep visitors for an extended period of time.

Why should visit Ma Tra Village in Sapa?

Rather than bringing the imprints of a city, Ma Tra Village impresses visitors with the pristine beauty of a remote mountainous region, this is an excellent destination for those who enjoy trying new things in their lives, albeit in a tranquil village rather than a bustling city, and this unique village is one of your must-see destinations if you’re ready to leave your busy city and embark on an exciting journey in Lao Cai!


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