The traditional customs in Vietnamese Lunar New Year

Tet, or Lunar New Year, is one of the most meaningful occasions of Vietnam. New Year- the most important occasion in which people try to create joy for himself and others, and try to smile, cordially greet each other, and, if possible, are willing to shake hands to implicitly promise to eliminate hatred, anger, distrust, so that life will be nice and more meaningful in the coming year.
Before and during Tet holidays, there are some traditional customs that not only attract adults but also Vietnam’s kids.

1. “Tong cuu nghenh tan” (get rid of the old things and welcome the new ones)
It’s one of the customs before Tet of Vietnamese people. Members in the family decorate home and the altar. The villagers clean the pagodas. Everyone get haircut, new clothes sewing … It is usually made at the end of the year, and is so familiar that people do not think it is the custom of “farewell the old to pick up new things”.

Vietnamese lunar new year

Tet- time of family reunion

Many parents remind their children that from the Eve minute onwards, they are not fussy, naughty. Parents, siblings should not rebuke, punish children.
For relative neighbors, all the quarrels or contradictions in the old year are eradicated and forgot.

2. Shopping for Tet- Tet market
Another interesting customs at Tet of Vietnamese is the shopping for Tet. People, especially housewives, are very busy going to markets and buying all the necessary things for Tet holidays such as foods, sweets and candies, decorations… Children and kids buy new clothes, toys… People are certainly attracted by the crowding and exiting atmosphere of near- Tet markets, especially in rural areas.

Vietnamese lunar New Year

Tet market sells many kinds of flower and decoration item.

One thing that is indispensable at Tet in Vietnam is flower. While the Northern people prefer Peach blossom and kumquat trees, the people in the South like showing plum blossom at Tet. All of these trees symbolize luckiness, wealth and prosperity.

3. Making ‘‘Chung cake”
Chung cake is the traditional and typical, unique kind of cake at Tet of Vietnam. It is associated with a tale from King Hung period. It’s also unique, creative and brings the Vietnam national identity for its ingredients, ways of wrapping and way of cooking.

Vietnamese lunar New Year

After being wrapped by dong leaves, the cakes are boiled in at least 10 hours…

Chung cake is made of sticky rice, the typical product of Vietnam’s agricultural culture; pork and green bean. All of the ingredients is put in and covered by “dong leaves”, a kind of long and green leaf, tied with bamboo cord. After that, they’ll be cooked in about 10 hours or longer.

Vietnamese lunar New Year

….and the finished products

Chung cake is generally made by adult, especially the old; however, Vietnam’s kids and children are interested in this, too. They sit around and watch their parents do, sometimes they eat some cooked green beans. While the cakes are being cooked, the kids often run around the fire and play some traditional games and laugh happily.

4. Exchanging wishes and Giving Lucky money.

Vietnamese lunar New Year

At Tet, children receive the “lucky money” inside the red envelope from the adults.

On the first day of the New Year, the most meaningful and expected moment, everyone, especially Vietnam’s kids, wear beautiful clothes and visit their relatives and friends. They exchange best wishes for the new year and avoid the break as well as bad words.
Children and kids receive lucky money put into a red envelope from the adult. Although the money is not very much, it carries love and happiness of both the host and the recipients.

The traditional customs in Vietnamese Lunar New Year

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