The Ancient Villages in Vietnam (Part 1)

The mossy village gates, red tiled roofs, or banyan trees, wells … are the peaceful places where travelers want to visit to forget about the hardships of life.
The below old villages carry a quaint and romantic beauty, has become the favorite destination of many tourists.

1. The ancient village of Duong Lam, Hanoi
Located by the Red River full of sediment, Duong Lam ancient village with mossy red tiled roofs, unique laterite stone walls, with wells, communal house’s yards… will take visitors to a beautiful past of the former villages in the North.

Duong Lam ancient village

The gate of Duong Lam ancient village

Duong Lam is a commune in Son Tay, Hanoi, and is situated on the south bank of the Red River, near Highway No. 32, at the intersection with Ho Chi Minh Road., Duong Lam borders Cam Thuong (Cam Gia Thuong), Ba Vi To the west and northwest; borders Xuan Son to the Southwest; borders Thanh My commune to the south; Trung Hung ward to the Southeast, borders Phu Thinh ward of Son Tay town to the East, Vinh Phuc province to the North whose boundary is Red river.

Duong Lam in the harvest

Duong Lam in the harvest

Only 50km from Hanoi, but you will amazed at the old and quiet space of an ancient village which still retains the colors of the time. When crossing the village gate, all the busy, worry and sorrow of life will be pushed back. Duong Lam ancient village is considered the oldest village in the North, and still remains over 900 traditional houses dating from the 16th century, scattered in the villages of Dong Sang, Cam Thinh, Mong Phu…

Duong Lam Village - Ancient house Vietnam

An ancient house with making soybean jam traditional job in Duong Lam village

Duong Lam is the hometown of many celebrities such as King Ngo Quyen, Bo Cai Dai Vuong Phung Hung, Giang Van Minh, Mrs. Man Thien (mother of Trung Trac and Trung Nhi), Mrs. Chua Mia (imperial concubine of Lord Trinh Trang), Phan Ke Toai (Deputy Prime Minister of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam in 4 terms), Ha Ke Tan (Minister of Ministry of Irrigation from 1964-1973), Phan Ke An (cartoonists painter of Su That –the Truth newspaper) …
The village has a closed structure with a main road spreading to the corners of the village. Surrounding the village is the pond system creating a romantic and poetic landscape. In hot sunny days, pond system is the air conditioning which helps the village’s weather to become pleasant and cool.

2. The ancient village of Phuoc Tich in Thua Thien Hue
Located on the downstream of O Lau river, the boundary between the two provinces of Thua Thien – Hue and Quang Tri, 40 kilometers from the city of Huong River, the ancient village of Phuoc Tich is as like a living museum of Vietnamese cultural village which has been preserved and conserved for hundreds of years.

phuoc tich ancient village in Vietnam

The entrance to Phuoc Tich ancient village

The village is a complex of ancient Ruong houses with more than 100 houses, in which 37 Ruong houses are more than 100 years old and the temples are still intact. There are 12 Ruong houses which are specially valuable and rare (150-200 years old) with exquisitely carved pillars and horizontal lacquered board (engraved with Chinese characters).

An over 100 year old Ruong house in Phuoc Tich village, Hue

An over 100 year old Ruong house in Phuoc Tich village, Hue

Tourists will seem to be lost in a quiet and full of green of the gardens space. The warm sun rays through hundreds of years old ancient trees make up a simple but very peaceful scene. The roads, alleys, the gardens, communal houses’ yards, ancestral temples… in Phuoc Tich are always clean, the trees are carefully cared. Visitors will also have opportunities to look at ancient pottery items with intricate patterns or try the experience of being a “potter” in the village.

An old pottery-kiln in Phuoc Tich

An old pottery-kiln in Phuoc Tich

The Ancient Villages in Vietnam, Duong Lam and Phuoc Tich

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