Nearby, tourists can visit the Tomb of King Dinh Tien Hoang, which is located on Ma Yen Mountain, in front of this temple. To reach here, travelers have to pass 150 stone steps.

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Along with Dinh Temple, Le Temple is majestically located in the old palace of Hoa Lu Ancient Capital as a remnant of the heyday of three feudal dynasties in Vietnam history. So don’t miss this famous temple if you have a chance to set foot on Dinh Temple nearby!

The temple lies in the territory of Truong Yen Commune, Hoa Lu District, 300m from Dinh Temple, Ninh Binh. It shares a part of the courtyard with Dinh Temple. There are some common traits of architecture, structure, decoration and art installation between these two temples. The reason is both of them were built and repaired at the same time. However, if we observe clearly, it’s obvious that Le Temple possesses unique features which cannot be found in Dinh Temple as well as other ones.

Le Temple Travel Guide

The most obvious feeling when we visit Le Temple is the antiquity and solemnity with very few changes. That might explain why this place still retains the beauty of the original architecture. Despite having the same architectural style as Dinh Temple’s, it has the main entrance to the east and there are no stone thresholds and huge old stones like Dinh Temple. Therefore, tourists now can admire the temple full of architectural and sculptural styles of the Earlier Le Dynasty. Because of recent policies of the local authority, Le Temple is closer to the road leading to Hoa Lu Ancient Temple than Dinh Temple.

Stepping into Le Temple, we must pass the ancient temple gate. The outstanding trait is the beautiful wooden architecture with intricate details, high threshold and narrow door. The whole temple is located in a wide campus with symmetric structures along both sides. In the summer, the fragrance of lotus emanating from a lotus pond nearby fills Le Temple. There are also a lot of bonsai, old trees and large penjings with interesting names in the campus.

The architectural art of Le Temple

Like Dinh Temple, Le Temple also comprises three parts: Bai Duong used for the community, Thien Huong used for worship royal mandarins of the Earlier Le Dynasty and the alter in memory of the King. The statue of King Le Dai Hanh is at the center, on the left is Queen Duong Van Nga’s statue and on the right is that of Le Ngoa Trieu – his fifth son and the third King of the Earlier Le Dynasty.

The art of wood carvings of the 17th century shown here reached the level of virtuosity. It is in agreement with legends or stories which honors King Le Dai Hanh. This temple is lower than Dinh Temple, but has many great walls which are finely decorated. It is not only an architectural structure but also a cultural symbol of a feudal dynasty in the previous century.

Being one of the large temples in Vietnam, Le Temple is considered a crucial national relic and historical site. On each occasion of Hoa Lu Ancient Capital Festival, this place is crowded with people and full of incense scent. Residents from everywhere gather here to show their gratitude on King Le and enjoy the unique architecture of the old temple.

What attractions are surrounded Le Temple?

Nowadays, Le Temple, along with many other landscapes creates a Ninh Binh Province full of tourism potentials. Visitors come to this land to admire Trang An Ecotourism Destination, the scenic area Tam Coc – Bich Dong, Non Nuoc Pagoda… and of course Dinh and Le Temple. These temples will bring tourists to a completely different space: the space of history and culture of an ancient Vietnam. So if you intend to visit Ninh Binh, remember to spend your time in Dinh and Le Temple to have your own feelings of Vietnamese historical landmarks!

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