Angkor Wat is the most famous and mighty project and it is also the most popular destination in Siem Reap, Cambodia. This UNESCO heritage site is famous not because of its own beauty but also almost of tourists visited this site voted it become to be the most beautiful and impressive destination.

This place has been built by people for total 35 years, it is large 200ha, and it is situated in the heart of a big forest with very many big trees, it is also surrounded by big lakes. It is very very beautiful to see Angkor Wat in the top or the plane, and you will be made for much more surprised to explore Angkor Wat inside.

There are two seasons in Cambodia, it is wet and dry. In the wet season, it is very hot but once you go inside Angkor Wat to explore is it is very cool and comfortable because this architecture is made by the whole stones and its own special architecture which there is not any place in the world to be similar.

It is never say enough about the beauty and difference of Angkor Wat if you have not yet visited this place one time, so that you should never miss this place on your trip to Cambodia or to the neighbourly countries of Cambodia such as Vietnam, Thailand or Laos because there are many different ways to be very easy, fast and not much expensive for you to catch the different vehicles to visit Cambodia from Vietnam, Thailand or Laos.