Tra On is just over an hour downstream the Bassac.
Tra On, Can Tho, Can Tho City. Tra On, Can Tho, Can Tho City.
Quang Duc Pagoda one of the biggest and most active Buddhist temples.
Quang Duc Pagoda, Can Tho, Can Tho Boat Trip Quang Duc Pagoda, Can Tho, Can Tho Boat Trip
Phung Hiep is much farther away, in the neighbouring Hậu Giang Province.
Phung Hiep, Can Tho, Can Tho Travel Guide Phung Hiep, Can Tho, Can Tho Travel Guide
Phong Dien is further up the Can Tho River, and worth seeing as it is a retail market.
Phong Dien, Can Tho, Can Tho Travel Phong Dien, Can Tho, Can Tho Travel
Ninh Kieu dock, with Ho Chi Minh statue standing still, is the symbol of Can Tho city.
Ninh Kieu pier, Can Tho City, Can Tho Highlight Ninh Kieu pier, Can Tho City, Can Tho Highlight
Cai Rang Floating Market is the main wholesale floating market near Can Tho.
Cai Rang Floating Market, Can Tho, Can Tho Tour Cai Rang Floating Market, Can Tho, Can Tho Tour
Phong Dien Floating market is bustling best between 6am and 8am. The market is 20km southwest of Can Tho; most get here by road.
Phong Dien Floating Market Phong Dien Floating Market

Can Tho overview

Can Tho is located on the left bank of the Hau River in Vietnam’s Mekong River Delta region. It is the largest city in southern Vietnam and is well-known for its floating markets, ancient temples, and unique cuisines. 

Best time to visit Can Tho

The best time to visit this city is from January to June when the temperature range from 25 to 35 degrees Celsius.

How to travel to Can Tho?

It is about 170 kilometers from Ho Chi Minh City, 100 kilometers from My Tho, and 70 kilometers from Chau Doc, making it easy to travel to and explore the destinations surrounding this city.

You can travel to this city by bus or motorcycle from any city in the south or other Mekong provinces. Can Tho international airport is the largest airport in this city which is just about 20 minutes from the city’s center, with many flights arriving in and from major cities in Vietnam.

Attractions in Can Tho

1. Ninh Kieu Wharf
2. Cai Rang Floating Market
3. Can Tho Market
4. Can Tho Bridge
5. My Khanh Tourist Village
6. Famous orchards
7. Phuong Nam Zen Monastery
8. Binh Thuy Ancient House
9. Bang Lang Stork Garden
10. Nam Nha Pagoda

Things to do in Can Tho

Cai Rang and Phong Dien Floating Markets of this city are the most well-known floating markets in Vietnam. The most popular and worthwhile activities for you to do when traveling here are rowing on a small wooden boat through the river canals to experience the different activities with the locals here such as buying and enjoying the fresh local fruits directly from the boats, hearing the folk songs of the locals, taking the most beautiful photos from your boat, and buying the most special souvenirs of this area.

Families traveling with children have a good opportunity to learn about the daily lives of people who live and conduct business directly from their homes or from their boats.

Bang Lang Stork Garden is another well-known attraction here, you should take a boat ride inside this stork garden early in the morning to see many different types of storks because they will go out to earn food from early in the morning until about 5 p.m. to return to their home here.

To cover almost the best sites in the city, you should plan on spending two days and one night. You can also stay overnight in this waterway city at a hotel or with a local family to experience everything that a large river water city has to offer.

Accommodation in Can Tho

Almost all good hotels are located in and around the city, below is the best list of accommodations here.
1. Vinpearl Hotel Can Tho (5star)
2. Azerai Can Tho (5star)
3. Victoria Can Tho Resort (4star)
4. Muong Thanh Luxury Can Tho Hotel (4star)
5. TTC Can Tho (4star)
6. Kim Tho Hotel (3star)
7. Homestay Songngu Pisces (3star)
8. OYO 971 Lam Hoang hotel (2star)
9. KP Hotel (2star)
10. Van Loc hotel (2star)

Can Tho’s food specialties

1. Authentic Can Tho Food at Mau Than 1968 Restaurant (all Mekong foods and specialties)
2. Grilled Pork Saugage Thanh Van (Nem Nướng Thanh Vân)
3. Ninh Kieu Sky Bar (all drinks, cocktails, and wines)
4. Noodle Soup (Bún Riêu/Hủ Tiêu) the floating markets
5. Vietnamese Scorched Rice with Caramelized Fish Sauce (Cơm Cháy Kho Quẹt Má Bảy on Tran Phu Street)
6. Duck Meat Pancake at 7 Toi Pancake


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Top attractions in Can Tho “Floating Markets”