Pai is a picturesque little town found in the province of Mae Hon Son of North Thailand. Pai has somewhat boomed with an influx of tourists

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Boiling eggs in Pai

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Pai Mountains in Pai

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Ban Rak Thai Village, a Chinese settlement in Pai, Mae Hong Son province, Northern Thailand.

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Trekking through rice plantations en route to remote in Pai

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Monkeying around at Pai hot spring

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Pai is a small town to be covered by the high mountains and the weather at here is cool all year, Pai town is belonged to Mae Hong Son Province to the northern Thailand. This beautiful town is far from Chiang Mai around 136km, it takes around 3-4hours by bus because it is little hard to drive to here, or to be easier and faster is the tourist should catch a short flight from Chiang Mai to Mae Hong Son, then catch a bus from Mae Hong Son to go to Pai. Although it is hard to go to this special town but it is very beautiful and impressive for the tourist to explore it, and with a beautiful landscape at here is it will make the tourist feel not tired although having to take a long way to go here.

The first impression for the tourist once arrive to Pai is the way the locals at here do the tourism, it is very convenient and specially for the tourist once they explore this town such as the traffic, the populated and trading areas as well as the entertainment, all of these is planed very well. From the restaurants, coffee shops, parks, roads….everything is very special. The creativeness is proved very well in this small town.

Pai town is located between cloud and mountains, it is decorated by a lot of the different colorful houses, in this town everywhere it is available with the lovely words such as “Just Pai”, Memory in Pai”, Pai in love”….One day in this town, the tourist should start with a cup of coffee to see the sunrise in the shop with the name Coffee In Love, this shop has all view and the soft and romantic decoration. Then, the tourist should explore the town with the sports such as trekking, elephant riding, rafting in Pai river the longest and largest river in Mae Hong Son. In the afternoon, the tourist could rent a motorbike to ride around the green fields and fruits to go to the different destinations such as Kiew Lom, Memorial Bridge, the village of Long Neck, Lahu Village and some special pagodas….In the evening, the tourist should walk and buy the local souvenirs at here.

Top attractions in Pai