Ban Rak Thai, a Chinese settlement in Mae Hong Son province, Northern Thailand

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Mae Hong Son City by night

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One of the most famous cave in Mae Hong Son

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The children of Long Neck village in Mae Hong Son

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The locals with Long Neck in Mae Hong Son

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The village of Long Necks in Mae Hong Son

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Mae Hong Son is far from Bangkok around 924km by bus, this is a frog city very large and it is located nearby the border of Myanmar. With the cool weather all year make this destination become one of the most famous sites in the northern Thailand. Mae Hong Son is included a lot of the different ethnic groups whose has lived very friendly together since long-standing such as Mong, Tai, Karen, Akha, Liu…..they still keep their own customs and habits, it is not affected and fixed by others, for example Thai Yai group still live in the wooden houses, it is very specially.

Mae Hong Son is a scarce place in the world where is not affected anything by the buildings, the ethnic groups at here still wear their traditional clothes. And, the most special ethnic group may be Padong people in Mae Hong Son because all of the women at here wear the long necklaces, bracelets, leg-laces. The girls wear these laces since they are five years old, the Padong people prefer to weave, the produces from weaving is very famous and attract the tourist to buy it very much.

Mae Hong Son has a lot of the different and famous pagodas, but almost of its architectures are made base on the style of Myanmar. And, the most famous pagoda is a Buddhist pagoda Wat Phra Nom, this pagoda was built in the end of 19th century and it is located below the Kongmu hill. On the top of this hill is Phra Thart Pagoda, this pagoda is built in 1860, from here the tourist is easy to see full sights of a frog Mae Hong Son City.

Arrival to Mae Hong Son, the tourist also should not miss the Chopra Festival with a lot of the candles to be lighted from the morning to the night and there are a lot of the locals arriving to take part in this festival.