A small part are displayed inside War Remnants Museum

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American tanks from the War Remnants Museum

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Exhibits are displayed at War Remnants Museum

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Inside The Vietnamese Government's Haunting War Museum That Portrays America As The Enemy

The main building of War Remnants Museum

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The old planes are displayed in War Remnants Museum

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War Remnants Museum in Ho Chi Minh City is considered as one of the most famous museum in Vietnam, Asia area as well as in the world. War Remnants Museum is not only a place to display the touched war exhibits but also this is also place to call the peace to the world.

This is exactly named and called on 4th July 1995, almost the visitors visit War Remnants Museum is the foreign tourists, they arrive here to find about the different wars in Vietnam, find about the losses, sacrifices and averages that could never compensate for Vietnamese. After visiting the stores about the pictures, documents and the war exhibits in War Remnants Museum is the same feeling of all tourists is sympathize and touched. They are sympathize about the pain and losses that could not be made up but Vietnamese were stood in a very long time. They are touched with the sacrifices, the extraordinary energy and the strong fighting will of a country. The image of an international tourist stand quiet complete in the front of the exhibit in War Remnants Museum became a popular image at here because in the thought and imagination of many persons is although they knew about the Vietnamese wars but surely that they could not image very serious consequense such that.

The exhibits in War Remnants Museum always cause the strong impression for the tourist because the fact the tourists are difficult to have a chance to see the exhibits such as the big tanks, the military airplanes, the booms….if there are not the military museums as War Remnants Museum. The exhibits leave the impressive feeling for the tourist, the most impressive image is once they see the guillotine, this machine was brought to Vietnam by French colonial in the beginning of 20th century, it has killed a lot of persons in the wars at that time. This machine is displayed in War Remnants Museum to clear proof for the war crime of the colonial.

To attract extra more and more clients to visit War Remnants Museum, beside the daily activities, this museum also organize the activities with the different subjects such as the culture, cuisine….these plans will introduce to the tourist the fishes in the wars such as the potato, rice ball, cylindric glutinous rice cake….War Remnants Museum is located in the center of Saigon at 28 Vo Van Tan Street, 01 District. It is very easy for the tourist to find the address and explore this famous and meaning museum, so it should be missed in the trip to travel Vietnam.

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