Haiphong Opera House is the main place to organize the important festivals and events in Hai Phong City

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This is the most important place for the new year eve

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The original Haiphong Opera House in the past

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There are 400 seats in Haiphong Opera House

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Stage of Haiphong Opera House

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The front face of Haiphong Opera House

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Hai Phong Opera House was built by French in 1904 and completed in 1912 is based on an old market of the ancient village where was called An Bien. Hai Phong Opera House was considered as the central area of Hai Phong City where concentrat of the foreigners, Chinese and Vietnamese by the plan of French government at that time.

Hai Phong Opera House was designed the same as the Paris Theater and it was emulated base on the architecture of French theaters in the medieval with Baroc style, this is the kind of art to be appeared in Italy, then move to Austria, Spain, a part of France and it became the main art tendencies in the end of 16th century to the middle of 18th century. The material of Hai Phong Opera House was brought from France but built by Vietnamese workers under the leading of French architects. Hai Phong Opera House is high two floors, included 100 doors and windows, having the balcony, canteen….a main stage is included 400 seats. In the French domination, this opera house is the place for the political and cultural activities of French and the locals. Nowadays, Hai Phong Opera House is the places for the important festivals, the special cultural activities, important events, specially the time to welcome the new year of the locals in the city.

Hai Phong Opera House is also a historical relic, this site is related with the time to fight French domination of Hai Phong people. With Hanoi Opera House, Saigon Opera House is Hai Phong Opera House is one of the rare theaters that were built by French in Vietnam in the past. Although there were many times to repair until now Hai Phong Opera House is still kept the original design, this is a special and impressive art architectural construction, it attracts a lot of the tourist on the trip to Hai Phong city. This site is located in the center of Hai Phong city, it is one of the most famous and special sight in Hai Phong, so that it should be missed on your trip travel Hai Phong.

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