Pleiku, Pleiku Tour
Visiting attractions: Buon Me Thuot
Tour is started from: Buon Me Thuot
Tour is finished from: Buon Me Thuot
Durations: 1 Days / 0 Nights
Ban Don Village, Buon Me Thuot City, Buon Me Thuot Highlight

Ban Don Village is 45 km north-west of Buon Ma Thuot straddling the Serepok River.

Buon Me Thuot City Tour is started by pick you up at your hotel after breakfast at 8 am, then go to visit Akothon (Ako Dhong) village (the village of Ede minority people), ethnological museum of Dak Lak, Trung Nguyen coffee village,  coffee restaurant of MeHyCo to try famous coffee of Buon Ma Thuot. Buon Ma Thuot is famous for coffee, especially Weasel coffee – if you’re interested in . you can try and see them eating the best ripe coffee berries to make  special  coffee, called weasel coffee. (coffee season is in november). We will visit weasel coffee, they are eating the best ripe  coffee berries (coffee season is in november).  We then go to beautiful Lak Lake, on our way we stop some places to see rubber, coffee, plantations, pepper trees, taking some pictures from a beautiful situation overlooking the rice field valley, ..climb a big rock, grannite stone, local people said :‘any person who reaches the top of the rock will be happy and never get old age’.  visit Jun village (the village of M’Nong minority people) share the simple ways of living in many long houses of the village…row a piragua on Lak Lake to see natural lotus flowers get to M’Lieng village lying along Lak Lake, elephant riding, a great experience. It’s surprising to see how intelligent the elephants are here. They use their trunks to measure the depth of water to make sure the tourists on their backs do not get wet· Buon Me Thuot City Tour is very fun and special trip that you should not miss once you arrive to the highland area of Vietnam.

At 4 or 5 pm, return to Buon Ma Thuot City or Buon Ma Thuot airport, depends on your request.