Chu Mom Ray National Parkcovers an area of 48,658 hectares and boasts rich animal life including tigers, elephants, wild boars – even bulls.

Chu Mom Ray National Parkm Kontum, Kontum Tour Chu Mom Ray National Parkm Kontum, Kontum Tour

Kontum has feature climate of Central Highland. That is tropical monsoon one.

E De Kon Tum People, Kontum, Kontum Tour E De Kon Tum People, Kontum, Kontum Tour

Kontum Church with the architecture style, an interior decoration mixed between the local and western culture, the church attracts many tourists inland and abroad coming to contemplate.

Kontum Church, Kontum Tour, kontum Travel Kontum Church, Kontum Tour, kontum Travel

Kontum is a small town with the surrounding area dotted with montagnard villages.

Kontum, Kontum Tour, Kontum Travel Kontum, Kontum Tour, Kontum Travel

Sea Lake was our next stop where we had a freshly pressed sugar cane drink and bumped into a Dutch couple who were with an Easy Rider.

Sea Lake, Kontum, Kontum Province Sea Lake, Kontum, Kontum Province

Kontum is one of the province that is belonged to in the highland area of Vietnam, it is far away from Ho Chi Minh City around 600km, there is not any airport in this city so that you should catch a short flight from Ho Chi Minh City to Pleiku, then catch a bus from Pleiku to this city, it takes around 50km from Pleiku airport to Kontum city.

When should visit Kontum?

There are two seasons in Kontum, it is the wet and dry season. And, the best time to visit Kontum is in December because this month is the dry season at here, but it is not hot in this area in the dry season because this is the mountainous and highland area, this is also the time for the beautiful flowers, the rice fields to appear everywhere along the roads, beside that in this season there are also many traditional festivals of the many different ethnic groups to be organized at here. Specially, while you visit to this highland city, you should not miss to try the coffee in this area because this is one of the most delicious drink, the coffee at here is quite different from other cities around Vietnam, there are a lot of the coffee forests of the locals in Kontum, if you visit this site at the time the locals harvest their coffee forests, then this is a very fun and memorial experience because you will have a chance to see the large and endless forests coffee at here. You also have a chance to drink the most fresh cup of coffee as soon as they are harvest. And, if you are the traveler whose like to drink coffee, Kontum is the most perfect destination for you to come and explore.

What to see in Kontum?

There are a lot of the different and famous sightseeing that are situated just around this highland city where you must see on your trip the a highland area of Vietnam such as:

Kontum Wooden Church: this special church has made by the wooden since 1913 and it is located in the center of the city, you can walk from your hotel where is also located in the center of Kontum, it is very easy for you find this special church because this site is the most famous site in Kontum, its architecture is very special because it is mixed between the traditional architecture of Vietnamese and the architecture of the locals at here.

The next destination is Kon K’lor Communal House: this is the biggest cultural communal house in the highland area of Vietnam. This house is the place to take place the important meetings of the locals and it is also the place where festivals are organized. In these festivals, it is decorated very nice and carefully.

Arrival to Kontum, the tourists also should not miss to discover another famous places in this highland city such as the Kon K’lor drawbridge, Kontum Park, Kontum Prison, Ngoc Linh Mountain….Kontum is considered as one of the most famous and worthwhile destination where you must include on your trip to the highland areas in Vietnam, if you are a tourist who prefer a discover trip is this highland city is one of the your destination, arrival here to explore the most mighty mountainous landscapes of Vietnam, meeting the ethnic groups to understand about their customs and habits, drinking the most delicious cups of coffee, trying the local and special food of the local, take the most beautiful photos….all of these activities are very worthwhile and interested for you once travel to the highland area of Vietnam.

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