Ba Na Hills is located almost 1,500 metres above sea level.
Ba Na Hills, Danang, Danang Beach Ba Na Hills, Danang, Danang Beach
Da Nang is also a place for authentic local cuisines.
Danang City, Danang, Danang Beach Danang City, Danang, Danang Beach
Hai Van Pass is situated along the Hai Van mountain side.
Hai Van Pass, Danang, Danang Travel Hai Van Pass, Danang, Danang Travel
Han River Bridge is the first bridge that Vietnamese architects and workers designed.
Han River Bridge, Danang, Danang Tour Han River Bridge, Danang, Danang Tour
My Khe Beach is located about 6km east of Da Nang and about 24km north of Hoi An.
My Khe Beach, Danang, Danang Beach My Khe Beach, Danang, Danang Beach
Marble Mountain is situated in Hoa Hai Ward.
Marble Mountain, Danang, Danang Tour Marble Mountain, Danang, Danang Tour
Son Tra peninsula is a special gift of the god to Danang.
Son Tra peninsula, Danang, Danang Pagoda Son Tra peninsula, Danang, Danang Pagoda
Cham Museum was constructed in the ancient Cham Pa architecture style with many blocks of white building decorated with simple and elegant patterns.
Cham Museum, Cham Museum in Hoian, Hoian Cham Museum, Cham Museum in Hoian, Hoian

Danang Overview

Danang is a city in central Vietnam, near Hoi An and Hue. It is far from Hoi An about 35 kilometers by bus, and Hue is about 170 kilometers.

Highlights in Danang include My Son Holy Land, My Lai, Hai Van Pass, Marble Mountain, My Khe Beach, Cham Museum, Ba Na Hill, Son Tra Peninsula…

Best time to travel to Danang

The best time to visit Danang is from February to May when the temperature range from 25 to 30 degrees Celcius.

How to travel to Danang?

Danang International Airport makes it simple to connect to flights from major cities in Vietnam as well as foreign countries such as Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Phu Quoc (Vietnam), Singapore, Chiang Mai or Phuket (Thailand), Seoul (Korean), and Phnom Penh (Cambodia)… 

Attractions and things to do in Danang

Danang, with its natural beauty, should not be overlooked when planning a trip to central Vietnam. Danang’s highlights are listed below. 

Dragon Bridge

This is Danang’s symbol; any tourist visiting Danang must stop at this beautiful bridge to take the most beautiful photos and see the dragon breathe fire every weekend. Dragon Bridge has been open since March 2013, and it is the bridge with the most unique design in Vietnam. Every Saturday and Sunday at 21 p.m., the dragon breathes fire. Once in Danang, you should come here to participate in this unique activity.

My Khe beach

 If you visit Danang, you should swim and explore this beach because Forbes named it one of the most charming six beaches in the world. The sand on my Khe beach is white, clean, and smooth. Aside from relaxing and swimming on this beautiful beach, you should also take advantage of the sports activities available here, such as snorkeling, fishing, water skiing, beach football, and so on. 

Ba Na Hills

 One of Danang’s most well-known tourist destinations, it offers a variety of tourist activities for families and groups. This site is popular with families with children because the entrance fee includes all game tickets in Ba Na Hills, allowing them to play all day. The weather on top of Ba Na Hill is frequently cooler than in the center of Danang; there are four seasons in a day in Ba Na Hills, so bring appropriate clothing when visiting. 

Mable Mountain and Hai Van Pass

Where you will see a mighty landscape between the sky, mountain, and beach, and this location will help you make the most beautiful photos.

Other famous Danang attractions that you should not miss include Son Tra Peninsula, which has been named the best resort in the world numerous times, 

Danang is also regarded as the most clearly defined city and the most worthwhile place to live in Vietnam, visiting here will allow you to enjoy the fresh air and a clean environment, as well as meet friendly locals. People in this city are very honest and kind, they are always willing to help all people and tourists they meet in any situation, especially since there are not any beg in this green and clean city. Danang is also well-known for its seafood and traditional cuisine.


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