Cat Ba island is in the South of Halong bay heritage.
Cat Ba Island, Cat Ba Island Tour Cat Ba Island, Cat Ba Island Tour
Cat Ba National Park has 20 mammal species, 69 bird species, 20 reptile species and amphibians.
Cat Ba National Park, Cat Ba Island Cat Ba National Park, Cat Ba Island
Cat Co 1 Beach
Cat Co 1 Beach, Cat Ba Island Cat Co 1 Beach, Cat Ba Island
Monkey Island - A romantic & relaxation experience!
Monkey Island, Cat Ba Island Monkey Island, Cat Ba Island
Quan Y Grotto is on the main way along the Island, only about 13 km from the Island's centre.
Quan Y Grotto, cat ba Island Quan Y Grotto, cat ba Island
Trung Trang Cave is the largest valley in Cat Ba Island with the total area of 300 ha.
Trung Trang Cave, Cat ba Island Trung Trang Cave, Cat ba Island
Viet Hai Village still live in the simple house, built in bamboo, wood, leaves and soil.
Viet Hai Village, Cat Ba Island Viet Hai Village, Cat Ba Island

Cat Ba island is still called as “the paradise on the land”, arrive here you will have a chance to relax on an island really very peaceful and clean . At here there are not only the beautiful beaches such as Cat Co 1 beach, Cat Co 2 beach, Cat Co 3 beach for you to swim and relax anytime but also it is encompassed the famous sites such as Cat Ba National Park, the ethnic village Cat Hai. You also could trek, take bus or cycling to these sites from the center of Cat Ba Island. 

How to go to Cat Ba island?

There are some different ways for you to go to Cat Ba island from Hanoi, you could take bus from Hanoi to Ben Binh pier, then catch hydrofoil from Ben Binh to this famous island, it takes around 45 minutes by this way. Or you also can catch a boat from Halong Bay to Cat Ba Island, but it takes over one hours by transferring by a private boat, but if you go to Cai Ba Island from Halong Bay, then you have a chance to explore Halong Bay before that, you should take a cruise trip around 2 days 1 night, after you completed the cruise trip in the noon of the second date, you should catch a private boat to move from Halong Bay to Cat Ba Island, or you are also possible to go to Tuan Chau ferry to catch a hydrofoil to Cat Ba island, but you also should check the time to catch your hydrofoil on time from Tuan Chau ferry to Cat Ba island because there are also just two or three hydrofoils of this route every day. You will have a chance to have the most beautiful photos and visit almost of the main sights of Halong Bay if you choose the option is enjoy the cruise trip before going to Cat Ba Island.

Where should you stay in Cat Ba Island?

For accommodation in Cat Ba island, there are a lot of cheap and luxury hotels at here, but it is full booked in the weekend, so if you really want to have a relaxed trip and stay in a good hotel on one of the most beautiful islands in Vietnam as Cat Ba island, then you should book the room early in advance before you go here. There are just some luxury hotels and resorts on the island, so it is necessary for you to book the room at these hotels and resorts in advance if you want to stay here on your holiday.  If you like a private beach in this island for more pleasant, you should book your accommodation at the resort which is located in font of the beach such as Cat Ba Sunrise Resort, Cat Ba Island resort… By this way it is easier for you to swim and relax on the beach anytime you want.

When travel to Cat Ba island?

The weather in Cat Ba Island is always cool and fresh, so you can visit this island anytime you have, but the best time for you to travel to this area is in the summer from May to September because at this time it is summer so you can swim on the beach anytime you stay here, this island is also very nice in other seasons so if swimming is not your inclination, then it is fine for you to explore Cat Ba island anytime. Specially, this paradise island is very suitable for the couples whose organize for the honeymoon or the small group whose like a private space to relax after hard working dates.

What activities should do in Cat Ba island?

During the time you stay in the island, you can rent a cycle to ride around the island or go anywhere you want on this island. This is a small island, and you can take a bike to go to some famous sights at here to discover such as Cat Ba National Park or Cat Hai Village where until now it still keeps a lot of the customs and habits of a traditional village of Vietnam, it is the most convenient for you to ride a bike in Cat Hai village to find about the daily life of the locals at here.

What eat in Cat Ba island?

Visiting Cat Ba island, you also should try the seafood which is offered everywhere on the island, it is cheap and very fresh before it is sole as soon as the locals catch it from the beach. If you want to try the most fresh seafood on Cat Ba island, then you should go to the restaurants that is located nearby the seafood market, then request the locals is cooked directly for you, it is cheaper and much more delicious than you try it in the restaurant.