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Each country has the different high and low season to travel, each season has its special features, and Vietnam is also like that. It is always much better and convenient for any tourist to travel in the high season because this period the weather is at least stable without the sudden storm or the strong rains….and the more important thing is it is very nice in order for you to view all your sites as well as to have the most beautiful photos….

Lifestyle at Mu Cang Chai Rice field ,Vietnam | Vietnam travel

Lifestyle at Mu Cang Chai Rice field ,Vietnam

Vietnam is very special because although it is a small country, it is included the different regions with the different kinds of weather include the north, the central and south of Vietnam.

Firstly, we talk abut the north of Vietnam where is included the most famous destinations as Hanoi, Halong Bay, Ninh Binh with Tam Coc and Trang An boat trip and Bai Dinh pagoda the largest pagoda in Vietnam, Sapa with a lot of the minority groups to live, Ha Giang with the mighty landscapes…all these places is belonged to the northern Vietnam and its weather is divided by four seasons is Spring from from January to March and Autumn from July to September, two these season have the most beautiful weather in a year, it is not too cold and hot. Then, it is Summer, this special season is started from the beginning of April to the end of June, it is little hot at all places in the northern Vietnam but it is still very comfortable at some places in the high regions such as Sapa, Ha Giang…Finally, it is Winter from October to December with the coldest weather in the northern Vietnam and sometimes it is appeared the snow so that if depending on your habit and favorite of each tourist to choose the best period to visit and cover the northern Vietnam. And, if you want to have the idea time to avoid the bad weather, then choose the northern Vietnam all time in a year just should except some months of winter from October to December, but if you can stand the cold weather, then this season is very nice because you will not be met the sudden rains because the weather in this season is very stable, not change so much in a day.

Secondly, we go to the central of Vietnam where you will have a chance to see the most beautiful beaches, the friendly locals, enjoy the traditional local food, find about the rich history of Vietnam through the different dynasties, especially you have a chance to walk in the old town of Hoi An where is accepted as one of the cultural heritages in the world by UNESCO, it is very worth for you to take it. The central region is included the famous tourist sites such as Hue, Danang, Hoi An. Different from the northern Vietnam, the central Vietnam is just available two season in a year is the dry and wet seasons, especially in Hue where almost tourists prefer to visit to explore about the historical stories of Vietnam should care about the travel seasons at here because sometimes the weather affects a lot to your trip, the dry season of Hue is lengthened from March to August with the temperate is around from 35 degree to 40 degree, the weather is little hot. But it is just from 18 degree to 20 degree from August to January, especially it appears some storms and strong rains in October. And, the most time for tourist explore Hue is the end of January to February with the cool weather all time. For Danang and Hoi An, you could visit it anytime because both of two seasons of the dry and wet seasons at here are not too hot or too cold, you can swim on the most beautiful beaches at here anytime so that it is fine for tourist to discover these tourist destinations any month in a year.

Finally, we head to the south of Vietnam with Ho Chi Minh City the largest city of Vietnam where you have a chance to move to the other famous tourist sites very easies as Phan Thiet with Mui Ne beach, Vung Tau beach, My Tho and Ben Tre where you are rowing on the wooden boats in the small canals, Vinh Long with Cai Be floating market, Can Tho with Cai Rang and Phong Dien floating market (the most largest two floating markets in Vietnam). The southern Vietnam is divided by the evident two seasons is the dry and wet seasons, the wet or still called the rain season is lengthened from the middle of May to November, and the dry season is from November to the end of April. But, different from the north and the central of Vietnam, although the southern Vietnam has two seasons, its weather is nearly the same, it is around 25-35 degree, it is cooler in the nigh. So that, you can visit the southern Vietnam anytime you can. Especially, from Saigon it is very easy for you to catch a short flight around 50 minutes to one hour only to visit other famous sights of Vietnam such as Phu Quoc island, Con Dao island, Nha Trang Beach City….

Above here, the base information about the different seasons at different areas of Vietnam to help you have a great trip to a country where is really specially with all tourists in the world, the place where you can cover from the mountain to the bay and beaches, the place where enjoy the most famous and delicious dishes by the locals, the place where you are met the most friendly locals, the place where you have a chance to find about the history, people, nature, culture at the destinations….., the most important thing is Vietnam do not have the hard weather like some other countries in the world, so it is fine for you to travel Vietnam anytime you can in a year because each time and each season has its own special features which will make you surprise and like it.

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