Van Trinh Cave Ninh Binh

Van Trinh Cave is considered one of the best caves in Ninh Binh. The cave is located on Mount Mo in Thuong Hoa commune, Nho Quan district and is exploited to welcome tourists in Kenh Ga – Van Trinh tour by Ninh Binh tourism.


The cave is also called “Giang Tien” Cave, Giang Tien means the fairy descending to earth. Legend has it that, a fairy, the youngest daughter of the God, because she wanted to help people raise children healthily, beautifully, she descended to earth, stopped and resided here because of its wonderful scenery. She built a lot of baths whose water is always full and clear in the cave. When she returned to the heaven, locals built a temple to worship and commemorate her in front of the cave and called it Giang Tien cave.

Van Trinh Cave 5

Van Trinh cave has a large of more than 4000 m2. The highest dome is over 100 meters and the floor is flat with unique grains. In the past, Giang Tien cave was regularly visited to pray for good fortune by regional dignitaries, officials. Due to the fact that serving these visits wasted money and efforts, local people had to mobilize forces to use soil, rock to fill the entrance so that no one could enter. Since then, Giang Tien cave was named Lap (filled) cave and felt into oblivion in a long time. In 2000, after officially being managed by Ninh Binh tourism, Lap cave was embellished and renamed into Van Trinh cave situated in Van Trinh village, Thuong Hoa commune, Nho Quan district, Ninh Binh province.

How to reach

 Visitors travel by boat along Hoang Long river to the foothill of Mo mountain, then go along the ridge to begin to visit Van Trinh Cave. Currently, the road to the cave is built with wide cement steps, which facilitates the travel of tourists. Climbing 77 steps, visitors will come to the door of the cave and admire the floating clouds swirled with green trees in the fresh air.


The entrance to the cave is about 15 meters above the foothill. Thereby, visitors continue to pass 37 steps and see 2 staircases: one turning to the east is the way to Hai cave and the other is the road down to Ca cave. Under the soaring dome are iridescent, colorful which look like a shimmering splendid curtain of stone. Visitors will be lost in a maze of mysterious, ancient, massive.

In the cave, there is a quite beautiful stalactites hanging painting of almost 7 meters high, 10 meters long, 1 m wide separating the cave into 2 palaces (Tien Bai and Hau Cung). Looking at this painting, we see high and low clouds, mountains, rivers, animals… which are like being polished with great care. The cave also has stalactites strips which are as smooth, wide, long as white plots of silk flowing in the wind.

Van Trinh Cave 2

The ceiling of the cave looks like the cathedral in a Cathedral with sparkling stalactites like the decorative lights on the ceiling. Around the cave are the art stalactites bas-relief works in various forms of human, immortals, mother carrying her child, plants, animals like a young lion, eagle, tiger, turtle, large, small hairless stones like duck eggs, chicken eggs, marbles, pea …

In the cave, the sound of babbling water dripping from stalactites creates musical sounds, many stones, blocks, when being touched, will sound the similar sound to gongs, musical stone, wooden bell and drum. It is also a big, round, high pillar linking the ceiling and floor in that cave; there are also rocks which look like the bodyguards, dancing, singing actors, the scene in which the king gives audience and court officials attend this audience…

Van Trinh Cave 1

The cave is also like a giant air- conditioned room because, the tourists coming here will feel warm in winter, and feel cool in summer. Many visitors coming  to this place have compared Van Trinh cave to a fairy scene in the dusty world.

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