Top 7 famous tourist destinations of Ha Nam province

Ha Nam, a locality with a long history of culture, has many historical sites and attractions, as well as traditional festivals. As a result, the province attracts the large numbers of tourists every year. In 1997, Ha Nam was re-established after 32 years of merger with Nam Dinh and Ninh Binh provinces. When referring to Ha Nam – a land leading a rich in revolutionary tradition and longstanding culture, tourists immediately think to beautiful landscapes, famous sites, high-quality eco-zones or wet rice civilization reflected through many types of the traditional art performing (seance, cheo, a dao, hat dam). Let’s explore this land through the seven famous tourist sites of Ha Nam!

1. Ngoc Mountain and Ba Danh Pagoda – the most beautiful landscapes in Ha Nam

Ba Danh Pagoda

Ba Danh Pagoda

Ba Danh pagoda, the most famous temple in Ha Nam, is more than 10 kilometers away from Phu Ly city and is located next to Day river. This is a beautiful tourist site in Ha Nam with an area of 10 hectares located alone in the breathtaking scenery. It is relatively secluded and tranquil, so a lot of visitors wanna come here to enjoy a peaceful atmosphere.

After attending the ceremony at Ba Danh pagoda, travelers can go to a fruit garden including a thousand-year-olds malayan banyan, and then, climb to the top of Ngoc Mountain to watch the scenery of a miniature Ha Nam. Ngoc Mountain is the most noteworthy tourist destination in Kim Bang District, Ha Nam province that should be explored. Ba Danh Pagoda is so sacred that many visitors usually come here to pray and go sightseeing. This beautiful tourist site of Ha Nam makes local culture more valuable, so it needs to be preserved and upgraded.

2. Phuc Long Cave

Phuc Long Cave

Phuc Long Cave

Phuc Long Cave is located in Chua Mountain, the central mountain of Kien Khe mountain range; above the cave is Hang pagoda and an place of worship. According to ancient traditions in the mountain range, there are dragons wrapping around an ancient spruce on top of the mountain, so this place is considered as a beautiful scenic spot in Ha Nam. Chua Pagoda has large stones stacked in order whose shapes look like the dragon head, with pointed tops like dragon horns and temples as the center of the dragon mouth. It is not too difficult for visitors to climb up the mountain, because there are many stairways made of stone that are favourable for climbing up.

Standing at the top of the mountain, you can zoom out to see the poetic beauty of But Son Mountain, Thanh Thuy Forest and Day River. To explore Phuc Long cave on the mountain, you go into the cave until you meet a fork. If you turn right, you will see dozens of caves with many sparkling stalactites. If you turn left, you will meet the road full of high rocks. In Phuc Long cave, there are many species of bats that inhabit here. In addition, the shape of Phuc Long cave looks like a dragon, and the cave is so huge that it has a capacity of more than hundreds people. Together with the combination of Chau village’s temple and the majestic Chua mountain, the place is becoming a destination for tourists in Ha Nam.

3. Bat Canh Son – an unique destination in Ha Nam

Bat Canh Son

Bat Canh Son

Bat Canh Son is one of the famous scenic spots in Ha Nam. This tourist complex welcomes millions of tourists to visit every year. Formerly known as the scenic spot of Son Nam Town, there are eight pagodas and a temple arranged by the theory of five elements, some of which was ruined by war. However, the annual numger of tourists coming here is still countless. Coming to the famous tourist site in Ha Nam, you also have the opportunity to visit Tam Giao Pagoda with hundreds of precious statues. The pagoda was built at the foot of the mountain where there is a stream flowing out, so the scenery is extremely beautiful and poetic.

4. Dai Hoang village – prototype of Vu Dai village

Dai Hoang village

Dai Hoang village

“Chi Pheo” is a very famous short story created by writer Nam Cao, and Vu Dai village based on the original Dai Hoang village, Nhan Hau village, Hoa Hau commune, Ly Nhan district (the writer’s hometown) appeared in the story. Visiting this famous village, visitors will be able to see the old traces of a Vietnamese village in the late 18th century. Ba Kien’s house surrounded by a large banana garden still exists and has never been remodeled. Today, coming to Dai Hoang village, visitors also have a chance to enjoy the specialties, especially fish cooked with sauce in Nhu Hau, which is both delicious and fragrant.

5. Luon cave and Dong pond – the attractive places in Ha Nam

Luan Cave

Luan Cave

Luon cave and Dong pond are attractive destinations in Ha Nam with a variety of natural scenery and the diversity of the flora and fauna.
Luon cave is surrounded by majestic mountains and lies in the valley of low mountains, so the atmosphere is extremely cool. In front of the cave is a stone door; in the inside part of the cave is a small stream with very clear water. In the rainy season, travelers can go on boats to land in Luon cave, whereas they can walk or row boat to land in there. Because the water in the cave is vividly cool and pure, visitors like watching the water while sitting on the boat.

In front of Luon cave are two low mountains forming a wide area to rest and look at the entire cave. In the cave, there are countless huge stalactites hanging down from the ceiling, visitors have a tendency to explore the caves as well as hear small cracks in the cliff. The atmosphere in the cave is cool, so visitors coming here feel like Travelers feel like straying into the mysterious fairytale world. This place deserves one of the most beautiful places in Ha Nam.

Dong pond, formed by the high mountains, is surrounded by green gardens. The animals here are mainly white storks and chamois. The surrounding mountains make the pond’s water cool and fresh. Even if Dong pond reaches the depth of nearly 3 meters, visitors still see the fish swimming under the pond surface. The scenery is very poetic, so it attracts a huge number of tourists.The place is called ‘Dong pond’ by local people, because the pond has many species of waterweed inhabited with various kinds of vegetation. Dong pond and Luon cave are always unique tourist spots in Ha Nam.

6. Kem Trong tourist area

Dong Xuyen Mount

Dong Xuyen Mount is belonged to Kem Trong tourist area

Exploring the famous tourist attractions of Ha Nam tourism, travelers ought not to miss the opportunity to visit Kem Trong tourist area. The place is created by mountain range including Turtles Mount, Dong Xuyen Mount, Co Dong Mount as well as Bai Tho Mount, Bat Gia Mount, Vong Mountain, etc with many strange shapes. The remarable feature is the system of mysterious and prolific caves. It is difficult to find the entrance to the cave, because sometimes the cave is only a small slit.

The inside part of the cave, quite wide and airy, connects to other mountains. This is interesting thing that makes Kem Trong different from other famous landscapes in Ha Nam.

7. Tam Chuc Ecological Tourism Area

Tam Chuc Ecological Tourism Area

Tam Chuc Ecological Tourism Area

Tam Chuc is a unique limestone karst mountain, with beautiful landscapes. Especially, the place still retains the pristine and charming beauty of wildlife. If you stand in a high position and look down, Tam Chuc looks like a giant watercolor painting with purely natural lines arranged by nature. Tam Chuc Lake, having a water surface of 600 hectares, is the largest natural freshwater lake in Viet Nam and is home to dozens of wildlife species. The majestic scenery is surrounded by the throne-shaped mountain range named That Tinh.

In addition to that, there are six rocky mountains rising from the lake bottom named Luc Nhac. Boating in the middle of the lake, visitors both admire the unique beauty of mountains and heard the legendary stories that have attached hundreds of years with the landscapes here such as Luc Nhac, That Tinh mount, Ba Sao pagoda, Vac Valley, Tay Ngai lake, etc. Besides, this tourism area is also very close to other famous tourist destinations such as Huong Pagoda, Trang An, Cuc Phuong, Bai Dinh Pagoda and so on.

Here are the famous tourist attractions in Ha Nam, let’s consult a Ha Nam trip and reward yourself an exciting trip right now. Apart from these places, when visiting Ha Nam, you can also explore many other places such as Lang Temple, Vu Dien Temple, Lanh Giang Temple, Doi Tam drum village – more than 1000 years old village, etc. Ha Nam is worthy of the place including the soul of the North of Viet Nam. Please take a moment to travel to find the origin when coming to Ha Nam.

Hope all you guys will have fun trips with lots of memorable experiences!

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