Three most Beautiful Caves in Vietnam

Honored as three most beautiful caves in Vietnam, Huong Tich, Bich Dong and Dich Long caves also impress tourists thanks to the ancient, solemn beauty of the temples located inside and outside them.

  1. Huong Tich Cave – the most beautiful cave in Vietnam

Talking about the scenic landscape of Huong (Perfume) Pagoda, My Duc District, Hanoi, no one is unaware of Huong Tich cave which is named the most beautiful cave in Vietnam, and is located 70 km from the center of Hanoi to the southwest. Tourists coming here are certainly overwhelmed when they see the immense landscape of a large dragon jaw. That is the entrance to Huong Tich cave.

Huong Tich Cave

From here, visitors enter Huong Tich cave by walking down 100 stone steps. You will see a high cliffs with 5 words “Nam thien de nhat dong” (the most beautiful cave in Vietnam) give by Lord Trinh Sam in 1770 when he made his rounds to Son Nam on the left of the entrance. Continuing going down the cave, you will encounter numerous stalactites hanging down from the ceiling and rising from the ground with diversity of strange shapes such as the sow, piglet, rick, rice dunes, balls, grapefruit, silver trees, gold trees, Cau mountain, Co Mountain, Musical stones, Buddha’s frock…

The most impressive thing in Huong Tích cave is Rice dune. Located in the center, near the entrance door and is quite large, so when being viewed from the entrance of the cave, this stalactite is like the tongue inside the mouth of a dragon, creating excitement for visitors. The cave also has “way to the Heaven” and “the way to the Hell”.

Reaching this point, you will feel the cool moisture emanating from the heart of the cave thanks to the little drop of water days and nights flowing from the stalactites as the mother’s milk. In addition, the scenic scenery of Yen Stream originating from Duc port causing tourists everywhere  to be pleased when arriving in the most beautiful cave in Vietnam.

  1. Bich Dong Cave- the second most beautiful cave in Vietnam

Situated in the landscape complex of Hoe Lu district, Ninth Binh province, Bich Dong is not only associated with the scenic landscape of Tam Coca but is also well known for the name ” the second most beautiful cave in Vietnam “. Bich Dong, which means “green cave”, was named by Prime Minister Nguyen Nightie, the father of the great poet Nguyen Du in 1773.

Bich Dong is located 2km from Tam Coc a wharf, in the front, it is winding Hoang Long river full of lotus. In lotus blooming season, Bach Dong is pervaded by Lotus fragrant when in the other side of the river is yellow rice fields making up a picturesque romantic scenery. Along the length of Bach Dong is Xeon They cave which is like being put large stones together to make arch dome by the Creator.


The entrance to Xeon They cave is at the back of the mountain, facing the en trace to Bich Dong. At the end of the tour going through the cave, visitors can climb up the mountain and Bach Dong Pagoda. Bich Dong’s attractions is the harmonious combination of cave, Temple and Mountain.

Ha (Lower) Temple was built at the foot of Mount Bich Dong, architecturally styled in Chinese Dinh letter with two-story bending roof, and columns are made of solid stone. After about 80 stone steps around the mountain, tourists will come to Trung (Middle) temple located halfway up the mountain. Situated on the highest peak is Thuong (Upper) Pagoda worshipping the Bodhisattva statue. From here, visitors can admire the panorama of nature surrounding Bich Dong hidden among the green giant trees  moving in the wind.

  1. Dich Long Cave – the third most beautiful cave in Vietnam

In spite of being less well known than Huong Tich and Bich Dong caves, the beauty of Dich Long, located on the boundary of the two provinces of Ha Nam and Ninh Bind, is not inferior.

Dich Long Cave

After passing the 105 stone steps from Ha temple, visitors will come to the entrance to the door carved with  six words: ” Nham Son cave, Co Am tu” (Nham Son dong, Co Am pagoda). Two side of the entrance are two statues of two 2 guardian and 8 meters …This case is very worthwhile for you to visit and explore on your trip travel Vietnam

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