The Ancient Villages in Vietnam (Part 2)

3. Long Tuyen ancient village, Can Tho
Located about 5km from Can Tho City, Long Tuyen ancient village is considered the convergence of cultural values symbolizing the beauty of the hick. A relic population including Binh Thuy communal house, Hoi Linh, Nha Nam, Long Quang temples, Bui valedictorian Huu Nghiaӳ grave, headquarter of Communist Party of An Nam, Vuon Man (plum garden) revolutionary base connecting to Phong Dien floating market, bachelor Phan Van Triӳ grave, My Khanh garden, Cai Rang floating market … constitute an attractive tourist route.

Long Tuyen Ancient Village in Vietnam - My Khanh fruit garden

My Khanh fruit garden

The most prominent site is the ancient house of the Duong family constructed in 1870, commonly known as “Binh Thuy ancient house” – one of the rare architectures which remain relatively intact on a large plot of land with gate and strong fences surrounding the yard. This is also a place where stores valuable antiques over many generations of descendants.

Long Tuyen Ancient Village - Binh Thuy Ancient House

Binh Thuy ancient house

Despite experiencing the vicissitudes of history and wars, Long Tuyen ancient village still retains the cultural characteristics of hicks in the South.

4. Tuy Loan ancient village, Da Nang

Vietnam ancient villages - Tuy Loan ancient village

A procession in Tuy Loan ancient village

Tuy Loan ancient village is located on Phong Hoa commune, Hoa Vang District, over 10 km from Da Nang City. This is an over 500 year old ancient village located on a spacious location, facing the river and mountain with a charming scenery. Visitors will be immersed in the quiet countryside space which looks like a painting with river, river wharf, and immense green paddy fields.
Tuy Loan communal house retains 20 titles since the reign of Khai Dinh creating unique and different feature in comparison to other communal houses in Vietnam. In front of the communal houseӳ yard is a paravent which is in style of a big letter, it is embossed with a dragon image in the front, and a unicorn in the back.

Vietnam ancient villages - Tuy Loan communal house

Tuy Loan communal house and the paravent

Passing many historical events, although Tuy Loan communal house does not remain intact, people still see the majesty and serene here. It is a place where travelers who like something old want to explore when coming to Danang.

5. Phong Nam ancient village, Da Nang
With the architecture of ancient Vietnamese villages, the ancient village of Phong Nam (Hoa Vang district) is an attractive destination for travelers coming to Central of Vietnam with full of sun and wind. Tourists will come back a quiet countryside with immense green rice paddies, bamboo-lined on the village road, the mossy ancient houses.

Vietnam ancient villages - Phong Nam Village

The bamboo line in Phong Nam village

Phong Nam village nowadays still preserves many ancient structures like temples, pagodas, ancestral temples… Nothing seems to be more wonderful than sitting peacefully in the villageӳ bamboos, smelling the faint aroma of sticky rice somewhere or listening the waves crashing gently onto the shore.

Vietnam ancient villages - Phong Nam Village with daily life

Daily life at Phong Nam village

6. Phuoc Loc Tho ancient village
Located on the bank of the peaceful Vam Co Dong River (Huu Thanh Commune, Duc Hoa district, Long An province), the ancient village of Phuoc Loc Tho is a tourist destination for lovers of ancient space, to come back to the roots of the country with the old houses carrying the identities of all 3 regions in the country.

Map of Phuoc Loc Tho village

Map of Phuoc Loc Tho village

The ancient village of Phuoc Loc Tho was built by Mr. Duong Van My, a passionate collector of antique furniture and construction. The village was started to be built in 2006 on an area of over 10 hectares, divided into two separate zones including the area for sightseeing and for dining, entertainment, resort.


Gate of a house in Phuoc Loc Tho village

The 6 hectares wide sightseeing zone includes 22 old wooden houses dating from 80 to 150 years collected in all regions of the country. Each old house here has a typical identity and bears the regional marks.
Visiting the ancient village of Phuoc Loc Tho, in addition to discovering the beauty of the ancient houses, tourists can enjoy the special dishes of Long An and river region, listen to folk songs. This is also one reason why the ancient village has become an attraction of the visitors.

The Ancient Villages in Vietnam (part 1)

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