Summer in Vietnam

Different from other countries in the world, Vietnam has a long summer holiday for all children whom go to schools, there is a long summer holiday until around three months, so that children have many fun and worthwhile activities during their summer such as there are many families whose live in the big cities as in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Danang….will take their children to go to their homeland in order for them to relax and enjoy their holidays, or there are also many other families whose take their children take part in the different courses for children, but almost families take their children to the tourist sites to enjoy at least some days such as the beaches, mountains where they can relax or have a fresh air to relax for their summer holidays.

Summer in Hanoi Vietnam

The summer in Vietnam is lasted from May to September every year, it is very hot in this time and the normal temperature is around 30-38C, so that the beach vacations are meaning for children at this period. Although it is the high season for the domestics whose travel by the short time in the summer in Vietnam, but it is the low season for the foreign tourists at this time because this season is normally appeared the strong storms that will make difficultly to fly from this city to other city around Vietnam while you travel in this summer. But the strong storms do not often appear all time so that this time is also very ideal for any foreign tourist who book and enjoy the trip to Vietnam.

Nha Trang beach in Summer Vietnam

Vietnam is still considered as one of the countries where is included many beautiful beaches such as Nha Trang beach in Nha Trang, Mui Ne beach in Mui Ne, Quy Nhon beach in Binh Thuan, Cua Dai beach in Hoi An….and there are also many special islands where have a lot of the special beaches such as Cat Ba island, Phu Quoc island, Con Dao island….so that the summer is also the good chance for all tourists whose prefer beaches should not miss to take a beach vacation around Vietnam, it is very special and fun.

The hot summer in Vietnam is also one of the main reasons that make the beaches and the tourist sights very crowed and noisy, so that if you are a tourist who like the beach but do not like the noisy, then you should choose some luxury resorts where are available the private beaches such as in Hoi An with the luxury resorts as Sunrise resort, Victoria Beach resort, Palm Garden resort, the Nam Hai Four Season resort in Hoi An, or in Nha Trang beach city with Sunrise Nha Trang resort, Vinpearl resort, Diamond Bay resort & spa, Merperle Hon Tam resort…., or in Phu Quoc with Salinda resort, JW Marriott Phu Quoc Emerald Bay resort & spa, La Veranda resort, Sol Beach House Phu Quoc….or in Mui Ne Phan Thiet with Sea Link Beach Resort & Golf, Anantara Mui Ne resort, Ocean Vista, Shades resort…..these are the most luxury and best resorts 5star in the most beautiful beaches and islands of Vietnam where you will really feel what a wonderful beaches of Vietnam.

There are not only the beautiful beaches in Vietnam for tourists whose like the sea, but also there are many fresh destinations where tourists whose do not prefer the beach vacations to enjoy such as Sapa in Lao Cai, Mu Cang Chai in Yen Bai, Ha Giang….these are the most beautiful mountain sites where tourists can trek and see the most mighty landscape of the northern Vietnam, beside looking the most beautiful scenery of the northern Vietnam, the tourists also have a chance to meet the ethnic locals and their daily life, even the tourist have a chance to stay with these local families to take part in and see their daily activities as well as find about their daily habits and customs, it is very special and fun. Exploring the northern Vietnam, the travellers have a chance to enjoy the local food that is just available in these special places. Especially, if there are any tourist whose intend to do the charity during your trip to Vietnam, this is exact the place where you do that because the locals and children at here are still very poor, even they are not enough clothes to wear in the winter, or they also do not have enough food for their daily life….., you will see the fact about these if you have a chance to explore the north of Vietnam.

If there are more rains in the spring, autumn and winter in Vietnam, then the summer is just appeared the strong rains in the short time in a day, so that this is also a chance for tourist to enjoy the whole trip by the most stable weather. Beside that if your travel purpose is about trying the different food in Vietnam, then the summer is also a suitable time for you to book a trip because there are many special and local dishes that are also just available in the summer, especially the ice cream are very cheap and delicious at any city in Vietnam, and if you are a person who really like this special cold dish, then the tourist cities of Vietnam are the best choice for you to try this special food. And, if you visit Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi, you never forget one of the most famous kind of ice cream is Trang Tien ice cream, this kind of ice cream is sold many places around Vietnam and it is the most famous ice cream in Hanoi the capital of Vietnam, it is very easy for you to buy a Trang Tien ice cream around Hoan Kiem Lake the heart of Hanoi, because around this area is the real center of Hanoi. You should not miss to try this special food if you visit Hanoi Vietnam in a summer day.

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