Sources of Enjoyment for Adults in Myanmar

So planned your trip to Myanmar? Get to know what can bring thrill and true adventure to your trip. People plan trips to get some memories out of it. We here are sharing few sources of enjoyment for adults in Myanmar.


If you have a trip to Myanmar on the cards, and you are also a cyclist who is in search of every little adventure, then a this tour could be an ideal tour for you. You can experience the different sights and the sounds of different parts throughout the country. You can also travel off on your own track, and also can discover different areas which are rarely visited by the outsiders. You can just pedal past the sublime pagodas in Bagan and can also experience the naturally beautiful Inle Lake and its floating gardens and houses on the stilts.

If you want to experience Myanmar all by yourself then why not get it booked? In Myanmar they have got cycling day tours on offer which people can pre book for their trip. Then later they can cover most of the important tour sites with their help. There is so much to see and explore on your tour to Myanmar.

Trekking and Camping

Trekking in Myanmar can be full or fun and exciting. Places around Putao in the Kachin State, the Chin State, the Kalaw region, the Inle Lake and its surroundings will be amazing to be choosen for trekking in Myanmar. While trekking through Myanmar you will gain a mesmerizing insight of the nature of the country. Trekking is the art of living!This is for the tourists who prefer the challenge of a testing back-packing trip in the mountain fastness and are in love with the environment around.

Though Camping is illegal, means not permitted in Myanmar. All tourists must register their each night stay with a tourist registered guesthouse. Only the citizen are permitted to  stay in local guesthouse but those people can get into serious trouble with the local police if they try to offer hospitality to the tourists. In old times here even the family members would need to get legal permission before visiting their own relatives. 

This means that while camping it can bring you in trouble and you need to be well out of sight and always be prepared to be ‘moved on’, sometimes even late at night, if the authorities finds you anyhow. 


The beer we found in Myanmar is excellent. Myanmar beer is by far the best beer and is a medium-bodied lager. The cheapest beer you can found will be in Mandalay.

If you are into whiskey or other stuff, then Myanmar has whole unconditionally best tasting drinks available at less than half the cost of the beer.

You can also find open air restaurants that serves alcohol, those are called beer stations.Which can be found on the streets of cities, towns and villages around Myanmar. They usually serve one of the country’s decent draught beers to enjoy on, and those are at the heart of Myanmar drinking culture; people come to meet, talk, eat and drink.


Luxurious traditional and beautifully decorated Myanmar bar, mixing the heritage and modern world.Varieties of drinks to choose. All you can get at bars and pubs of Myanmar.

The concept and traditions of nightlife in Myanmar is very different from other parts of the world. Due to many years of poverty and frequent electricity black-outs, the nightlife does not really exist outside large cities or even at some luxury hotels, bars and resorts; generally, finding anywhere outside these areas that is open after can bring difficulty to them. But as locals get wealthier day by day with more foreign tourists and business people arrive, things are slowly changing in their favorite.


The nightlife in Yangon, Myanmar is very much more fun and loving.

The local people there are really very social and they love drinking booze, which also makes nightlife a fun time.  The best local beer you can find here is called Myanmar Beer and the most common liquor which you can get is Mandalay Rum. All around the town, there we can find several districts with the fun bars and clubs.

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