The Peaceful Beauty of Tu Le

Tu Le, the town famous for specialty of glutinous rice, is where you can soak up in the hot spring waters and admire the peaceful landscape of a fertile countryside.

Located on Highway 32 toward Mu Cang Chai district, Tu Le is the commune situated closely to Khau Pha Pass, Van Chan District, Yen Bai Province. Before tourists cross “the side of the heaven” (Khau Pha Pass), Tu Le appears with sweet fragrant which has made many tourists to stop to enjoy some simple sticky rice which has been famous throughout the country of Thai ethnic here

Tu Le

Tu Le

September (harvest season), you will be immersed in the scent of rice. It also has a large stream of irrigation which supplies water for the whole region. Tu Le is a typical beauty of Northwest region “supplemented” by the richness of the fields, streams.

Especially favored by nature, Tu Le also owns a year-round hot spring which has long been famous in the region in particular and in Vietnam in general. Not even, many international guests who are not afraid of difficulties and distance, also come here to soak up in Chao village hot spring located in the town center. Previously, when tourism was still underdeveloped, the image and name of Tu Le was “defaulted” by the Thai girls bathing nude in the stream, a so simple but not vulgar beauty making visitors remember forever.


In recent years, along with the development of information technology, Tu Le tourism industry has witnessed many significant changes. Roads are invested carefully, hot springs is also repaired. Commune center now appears many accommodations serving tourists.


Tu Le sticky rice specialties is now served more professionally in some restaurants and diners in the commune. If you want to enjoy in rustic style, you can go to the central market where sticky rice is put in Thai people’s baskets to buy this specialty. Tu Le sticky rice can be served with  many other dishes such as peanuts, sesame, grilled chicken, but the most delicious one is grilled skewers.

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