Kenh Ga Hot Spring Ninh Binh

After sitting in car in less than 2 hours, visitors will reach Kenh Ga Hot Spring Ninh Binh in Kenh Ga village, Gia Thinh commune, Gia Vien district, Ninh Binh province, it takes around 90km from Hanoi. Visitors come here to bath in Kenh Ga hot spring water which has long been known as the “holy” water which can cure all diseases; to see charming poetic natural scenery; to enjoy the high quality services which meet the demands for relaxing such as spa, pool, herbal soaking tubs, restaurants, hotels, massage, karaoke, …

Kenh Ga Hot Spring 3

Kenh Ga hot spring water resort has a large hot mineral water pool with 16 very strong taps and can carry 50-70 people. Tourists can both soak in mineral water, scoop water with a coconut shell and watch the lovely surrounding landscape. Nothing is more interesting than soaking in the hot spring pool and sweating profusely. The longer you soak, the more pleasant you will feel. Then, when you step out from the 40-45 degree hot spring pool, you’ll enjoy a unique feeling of the change in temperature. Visitors can lie on the couch and enjoy the cool breeze blowing in from Hoang Long river, or soak and relax in cool water bath of 25-27 ° C.

If spending the night here, visitors can stay in the stilt houses or hotels. From the windows of the rooms, visitors can watch Hoang Long river which is more sparkling, fanciful at night thanks to lights on the waterfront and in fishing boats of the fishermen. Voices and laughter of children and other sounds resounding from the other side of the river make visitors feel like that the quiet atmosphere here is of their own.

Kenh Ga Hot Spring 1

Morning is the quietest time here, there is no sound except for the sound of birds chirping. Guests feel relaxed, refreshed after having breakfast and enjoying a cup of coffee or hot tea … And so, the landscape, facilities, mineral water, and the people here enchant and attracts travelers, then when they sit on boat returning to the wharf, after taking a deep breath of fresh, cool air, the thing remaining in tourists is the feeling of being loath to part with the place and not willing to live.

Restaurant service                                          

Coming to Kenh Ga Resort, visitors not only be immersed in the romantic natural scenery, the charming of a peaceful countryside, but also enjoy many local food specialties. The spacious campus, harmonious layout, enthusiastic, thoughtful staff will certainly please you.

Accommodation (Hotels, stilt houses)

There is a 3 star standard hotel system in the resort. All rooms are spacious, beautiful, and fully equipped with amenities such as Cable TV, refrigerator, air conditioning, … Especially, all rooms in the hotel have windows, balconies so that you can observe, watch the surrounding scenery from the room. If you want to have a holiday which is truly rustic, close to nature, you should try the system of family rooms and stilt houses. A room on stilt houses which can be accommodated by up to 60 people will be an ideal choice of students who take part in a holiday in groups.

Herbal Mineral Bath at Kenh Ga Hot Springs

Pool – spa, soaking services

If you want a private, quiet space, you can soak in herbal bath area with pine, Japanese-style design soaking bathtub systems placed in separate rooms. You turn the mineral water on, adjust the water’s heat to your liking, staffs will assist the preparation of medicines, flavorings into the bathtub. Each soaking room is designed with a special glass window for visitors to be able to bath and enjoy the view of mountains, clouds at the same time.

Kenh Ga Hot Spring 5

Coming to Kenh Ga hot spring water resort, tourists can not only admire the charming beauty of the scenery, but also enjoy in hot mineral baths, forget life’s chaos. Kenh Ga mineral water is now also being processed, bottled to provide additional sources of natural mineral water from nature to tourists.

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