Hon Trem Island Kien Giang

About 80 kilometers from Rach Gia city and about 1 kilometer from Phu Tu (Father and Son) island, Hon Trem island Kien Giang (Trem Island) emergence as an exotic hill with three sides facing the Gulf of Thailand. Although Trem is called the island, it is now conjoined with foothills like a peninsula with wind blowing and waves lapping all day long forming a fascinating picture of nature.

The overview of Hon Trem Island Kien Giang

Hon Trem island Kien Giang is currently in Ba Hon Hamlet, Binh An Commune, Kien Luong District, Kien Giang Province. This is one of the beautiful and the most attractive landscapes of Kien Giang tourist clusters because it is endowed with many romantic landscapes of unique shapes by the nature. Standing on the hill of 21 meters high, seeing to the distance, we can see a lot of big and small islands undulating in Ba Lua archipelago which is called the small Halong of the South by many people.

Hon Trem Island Kien Giang

Hon Trem Island Kien Giang

Hon Trem is quiet with immense sea and the vast sky in the front s, the majestic mountains behind and coconut trees along the aisles. Here and there, sparse shops showing souvenirs and specialties of the jungle look very simple and familiar. At night, from the rooms overlooking the ocean, we can see countless lights with shimmering and fanciful colors emanated from offshore fishing boat like the stars flashing at night. Sometimes, a few small boats bobbing beside the craggy cliffs to catch fish, crab or spread nets making the night become more poetic.

Hon Trem island Kien Giang at night with twinkling lights

Around the year of 2000, Kien Giang Tourism Joint Stock Company invested money to build the road to the top of the little cape and around the island and construct Hon Trem tourist area, in which “Hon Trem Resort” is a luxury resort designed on the hill and the hotel zone along the coast forming a quite charming tourist complex.

Hon Trem island Kien Giang

Hon Trem island with twinkling lights at night

The peaceful scenery with sea, the sky, mountain and sandy beach in Hon Trem

In 2008, Kien Giang Tourism Management Board continued to upgrade Hon Trem resort with 4-star standard, swimming pool, internet room, meeting rooms and 200-seat restaurant. Especially, massage services, sauna, karaoke, truly luxurious restaurant with 200 seats are available in the resort. The resort is also the ideal place for those who need weekend vacation or newly married couples to come during their honeymoon.

Hom Trem Island

Hon Trem resort

In addition to the luxury rooms, Hon Trem resort also has cool and quiet budget rooms at the foot of the hill. Visitors coming  to Hon Trem can walk along the coast, around the hillside to hear the waves of mirth and enjoy many seafood specialties such as steamed fish, stone crab and boiled crab, grilled eel with salt and chilli …

Hon Trem resort is ranked 4 star standard with swimming pool and other luxurious facilities

Those who are interested in exploring can rent a boat to swim near the onshore islets to see and talk to fishermen who are trawling, catching fish, squid, crabs, stone crabs … to know more about the life of diligence, rustic character and generosity  of the people of the sea.

Kien Giang

The way enter Hon Trem Resort

At the foot of Hon Trem, there is a small market and many eateries that sells fresh seafood newly caught from the sea. The most attractive, delicious and affordable ones ore scallop, oyster, squid, crabs, stone crabs, crayfish… If you want to explore the surrounding landscape, you can visit Hang (Cave) Pagoda, Phu Tu (Father and Son) Island, Tien (Fairy) well… or go to Ba Lua archipelago and return to Hon Trem to stay overnight.

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