Hanoi walking streets

From 1st September 2016, there are 16 Hanoi Walking Streets around the old town of Hanoi and Hoan Kiem Lake area is started to forbid all kinds of vehicles to transfer and move around these areas to serve for the walking of the locals and tourists. These streets are started forbidding from 19pm of Friday to 24h of Monday every week.  This is also the only one public area where the traffic vehicles do not allow to transfer to serve for the locals and tourists from all over the world walk around Hanoi. This new policy attracts a lot of the tourists inside and outside Vietnam to take part in, and they enjoy very much.

Hanoi walking streets without any vehicle

There are a lot of the different cultural activities for both of the children and adults to organize at here such as the street circus, the traditional games as tug of war, jump rope, blind man’s buff…,performing the letters and arts….all of these activities are organized during the walking dates in Hanoi Old Quarter.

Almost of hotels serve for the accommodation of the tourist locate in the old town of Hanoi, so that there are many tourists to stay and take part in the different activities during their time stay at here, and with these walking streets it will help for the tourist as well as the locals have the large and comfortable space to take sightseeing and take part in their different activities. The children will have their space to play, the old people will have the clear and safe to walk, the girls and boys will have a chance to enjoy a Hanoi with the peace and beauty Hanoi in their weekend occasions…

Hanoi walking streets without any vehicle

Traffic in Hanoi is still considered as the fear of tourist while they walk on the streets in Hanoi, but now with all the walking streets which forbid all kinds of transfer vehicles move around Hanoi Old Quarter and around Hoan Kiem Lake the heart of Hanoi capital is the tourist will not worry anything and it is very safe and comfortable to walk and explore Hanoi by their ways at the weekend dates.

Hanoi walking streets without any vehicle

Hanoi is always an unforgettable destination of all tourist once travel to the northern Vietnam or travel Vietnam, and now with this new policy, you even stay around the areas of Hanoi or the tourist in the world also should not miss to try and enjoy this. Take park in the traditional cultural games and activities at here, you are returning Vietnam in the old days, it is really fun and worth for you to try it.

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