Discovering the Pristine Beauty of Ba Be Lake

Ba Be Lake is located on Nam Mau commune, Ba Be district, Bac Kan province. Locals call the lake Slam Pé which means “three lakes”. This name comes from the fact that this is the meeting place of the three river branches named Pe Lam, Pe Lu and Pe Leng.Discovering the Pristine Beauty of Ba Be Lake.

The lake is 500 hectares, with an average depth of 17-23 meters, the lake’s bottom is covered with a thick layer of clay (200 m). Thanks to this clay layer, the water does not overflow and forms a lake. Not only is Ba Be lake among top 20 largest freshwater lakes in the world, in 2004, but the lake was also recognized as an ASEAN heritage garden.


The vast placid Ba Be Lake

The poetic beauty
Located on a vast limestone area, Ba Be lake has an unspoiled and romantic beauty with a cool and pleasant weather. In the early morning, when the dew has not melted, the lake has a mysterious beauty of an immense area. In brilliant sunlight on a sunny day, the lake is like an ink painting with a vast placid lake and the mountains are reflected in the water, which can satisfy the most fastidious visitors. More romantically, girls of Tay ethnic in indigo blue outfits are dimly visible on the small dug-out canoes in the vast lake and sky.
Visitors coming to the lake can rent motorboats if they are in large groups; on the other hand, visitors in small group or those who are adventurous can rent a dug-out canoe and leisurely drift on the lake to admire the beauty and listen to the tales of the lake told by the boatmen.

Ba Be Lake

The Tay ethnic girls are catching fish on Ba Be Lake

And journey to discover the lake
Apart from the feeling of wandering among the airspace and mountains, tourists also experience the half-light scenery in Puong Cave which is 300m long and over 30m high. The water erosion in millions of year has created manifold natural sparkling, and mysterious stalactites as well as created the poetic beauty off the winding river flowing through the narrow nooks in the cave.
Leaving Puong Cave, tourists come to Hua Tang village, visit Nang river and majestic Dau Dang waterfall. The waterfall is over 1,000m long with three stone steps, each step is about 3 to 4m in length apart creating the pristine and romantic feature for Ba Be Lake.

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The neglected landscape of Ba Be Lake in Bac Kan

Not only does Ba Be Lake attract visitors with the beauty of a lake halfway up the mountain and complex system of ponds, the waterfall, cave… Ba also attracts visitors with over 417 species of plants, 299 species of vertebrate. In lakebed, there are 49 species of freshwater fish including some rare species like glass carps, scars and hemibagrus.

Cam Son Lake, Bac Giang, Bac Giang City

Cam Son lake topography compared with Ba Be Lake have very similar characteristics.

In addition to admire the natural landscape, visiting Ba Be, you also learn about the daily life of Tay, H’mong, Dao ethnics living in 15 villages in the national park. In particular, Tay ethnic people has lived here in the longest time (over 2,000 years), as well as has been the largest ethnic group (58%).
The local people are very hospitable, just saying a few words, you will be invited to go to their houses, drink a cup of spicy wine corn, nibble the dried pork hung on the smoking-shelf . What is more, you can immerse in folk songs like Then, Si singing, the dances, Khèn dancing (Khèn- pan-pipe, a wind instruent consisting of 6, 12, or 14 small bamboo tubes, arranged close together with one end connected to a wooden sound box); or take part in the traditional festivals such as Long Tong festival, spring festival, dug-out canoe racing, martial fighting, archery, …

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