Discover fascinating tourist attractions in Hanoi, Vietnam

In the previous article, we have visited 5 interesting destinations in Hanoi: Hoan Kiem Lake, Temple of Literature, Hanoi Old Quarter, Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum and One Pillar Pagoda. Besides these typical tourist spots, Hanoi city still has a lot of other destinations which are able to steal your heart. Let’s continue traveling around this city to understand why it’s always appealing in visitors’ eyes.

  1. West Lake

Not too far away from the central area, West Lake is the largest freshwater lake in Hanoi. Surroundings are temples and luxury villas which create the colorful mixed beauty of the scenery. Along Xuan Dieu Street to the west of the lake is a range of Western restaurants, cafes, stores and spas. Visiting here, you can also come to two ancient temples: Tay Ho Pagoda (West Lake temple) and Tran Quoc Temple.

The spectacular beauty of sunset over West Lake

The ideal time to come here is the sunset. Admire the view of the sunset glow and you will fall in love with Hanoi without any reasons.

  1. Joseph’s Cathedral

This is a typical architectural structure of Hanoi. Bringing the characteristics of Gothic architecture with high walls, domes and windows, St. Joseph’s Cathedral has been an ideal place for couples to take wedding photos.

St. Joseph’s Cathedral with Gothic architecture style

Standing in the cathedral, you will feel like standing in an ancient castle in Europe. Additionally, open space outside the cathedral (especially in fall) also explains why this place is crowded with youngsters. They come to enjoy a cup of coffee in a sidewalk cafe or hold gatherings among friends.

  1. Hanoi Opera House

Hanoi Opera House is a mini version of Opera Garnier in Paris. It lies in Trang Tien Street – the central street of the city.

Hanoi Opera House – the cultural symbol of Hanoi city

This is the birthplace of drama and Vietnamese theatrical art forms. It is also known as a place with deep marks of Vietnamese history. Up to now, Hanoi Opera House has become the location where cultural events of the country are held.

Having existed for over 100 years, Hanoi Opera House is symbolic of the beauty of a-thousand-year capital city.

  1. Kim Ma Street

This street is not a historical or cultural site of Hanoi but it is very famous for its picturesque beauty in fall and winter. Two rows of old trees on both sides with the red brick sidewalk in the middle create a romantic landscape picture. Brilliant colors of leaves and the bright yellow of sunshine, in a way, make all people amazed.

Kim Ma Street is as pretty as a picture in winter

Many youngsters are interested in taking photos in Kim Ma Street. Trust me! If you set foot on this street only one time, you will certainly have the intention of coming back again.

  1. Long Bien Bridge

Another tourist attraction in Hanoi is Long Bien Bridge – the bridge over Red River. Design by the great French architect Gustave Eiffel in 1902, this bridge boasts the unique beauty which you can find nowhere.

Long Bien Bridge – The witness of Vietnamese history


 Experiencing vicissitudes of history, it is still appreciated as the most beautiful bridge of Hanoi because of its antiquity and romance. It is no exaggeration to say that Long Bien Bridge represents cultural and historical values of Vietnam’s capital city.

In each backpacker’s eyes, Hanoi is charming in a very different way. Temples, streets, lakes, bridges… Every place in Hanoi leaves a distinct impression on visitors.  Only when you embark on the journey to discover Hanoi, do you understand why it is always on the top list of favorite destinations in Vietnam. Let’s visit Hanoi city and have great experiences in places I suggested to you.

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