Buon Ma Thuot Travel Guide

Coming to Buon Ma Thuot, you should not forget to try riding elephants in Ban Don (Don Village), visiting Lak Lake and enjoying a cup of premium Ban Me coffee…

With not too expensive prices, many beautiful landscapes, famous coffee and the availability of direct flights provided by the airline groups, Buon Ma Thuot is gradually becoming a favorite destination for many tourists.


Buon Ma Thuot is about 350km from ho Chi Minh city and about 1,400km from Hanoi. You can travel to Buon Ma Thuot by road or by air:

Buon Ma Thuot Travel Guide

Dray Sap Waterfall is 27km from Buon Ma Thuot.

–  From Ho Chi Minh city, if traveling by bus, you can buy the bus ticket with 200,000- 240,000 VND (one-way ticket) at Mien Dong (Eastern) Bus Station. There are many departures a day, you can choose the late evening departure (at 10pm) to sleep on the bus. Additionally, many young people travel by motorbike but this route is quite long and difficult with girls.

Besides, you can choose the direct flight of Vietnam Airlines with the price of about 1.5 million VND (there are 3 departures and 3 return flights a day), of Vietjet Air with about nearly 1 million VND/ round-trip ticket (departing at 5:40pm and returning at 4:10pm). It takes you only about an hour to come to Buon Ma Thuot.

From Hanoi: you can buy flight ticket of Vietnam Airlines with the price of 3 million VND (departing at 7:55 and returning at 10:25), of Vietjet Air with about 2 million (departing at 1:55pm and returning at 7pm). The flight from Hanoi to Buon Ma Thuot lasts about 1 hour and 40 minutes.

The airport is about 15km from the city center, so you do not have to worry so much about moving.


Hotels in Buon Ma Thuot provides you with many choices. If you would like to stay in a luxury room, you should choose Sai Gon- Ban Me Hotel (at No. 1 Phan Chu Trinh street) with about 1.5 million VND/ night, Dakruco Hotel (at No. 30 Nguyen Chi Thanh street) or Dam San Hotel (at No. 212 Nguyen Cong Tru street) with price of about 500.000/ night.

If you travel in large groups or do not care much about the accommodation, there are many hotels and motels in the center with affordable prices, around 200,000 VND/ night.

Buon Ma Thuot Travel Guide

Tur Village is an Ede Village, located 13 km from Buon Ma Thuot. The village still preserves many of the Ede century-old customs.


With the natural features of having many forests, mountains, rivers and streams, Buon Ma Thuot has a rich and diverse cuisine system, from fish caught in the river to specialties from the wild animal in the forests. Coming here, you should not ignore the attractive, typical dishes of the mountain town such as Red Noodles (on Phan Dinh Giot street), bamboo- tube rice, chicken, wet cake served with roasted pork.

– Red Noodles: the noodles have attractive red color, thick noodles, red broth cooked from stew beef bone, crab, bacon, chopped dried shrimp with quail eggs and other species making an unforgettable flavor. You can taste this specialty on Phan Dinh Giot street.

Buon Ma Thuot Travel Guide

Pleiku marks the junction of Routes 19 and 14 leading to Kon Tum to the north, Buon Ma Thuot to the south and Qui Nhon on the Vietnamese coast.

– Wet cake served with grilled pork: This dish is similar to rice roll cake in the North. A dish of grilled pork is served with sesame, sliced cucumbers, mangoes, fish sauce. The cake here is made thinly. You can try the taste of this dish at 43 Tran Nhat Duat street.

– Hemibagus hotpot: This is a specialty of majestic Serepok river. This dish is very delicious and is very good for health. Apart from hotpot, Hemibarus can be processed into many dishes such as soup. You can come to DakMe restaurant at 143 Ngo Quyen street to enjoy this dish with affordable price and good service.

Some addresses where you can enjoy dishes made from wild animals include Huong Vi Viet (Viet flavor) restaurant (at 135 Nguyen Tri Phuong street), Bon Trieu Garden restaurant on No Trang Gu street, Tuan Dat restaurant on Tran Nhat Duat street, Son Ma restaurant on Phan Boi Chau street.

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