The Best Time to Travel to Dong Hoi City

Weather and climate will have the considerable effect on your trips. In order to help you have a perfect trip to Dong Hoi City, we would like to tell you the climate characteristics of Dong Hoi city, then, therefore, you can choose a suitable time to visit  Dong Hoi City.

  1. Climate in Dong Hoi – Quang Binh

Located in the tropical monsoon area influenced by the climate of Northern and Southern Vietnam, the climate in Dong Hoi city- Quang Binh can be divided into two distinct seasons:

– The rainy season lasts from September to March of the following year, heavy rains occur in September, October and November.

– The dry season lasts from April to August, the peak temperature usually falls in June, July and August.

Dong Hoi City

  1. Travelling to Dong Hoi in the rainy season

The lowest temperature in Dong Hoi – Quang Binh in the rainy season is 18oC, while the highest temperature is up to 31oC. The rainy season usually lasts long and the air is cold. During the rainy season in Dong Hoi, a number of recreation activities will be limited such as swimming, cruise, enjoying seafood, and especially the lovers who can not watch the sun rise from the sea.

In the rainy season, cuisine is one of the attractions in Dong Hoi. The rainy season is the time of the sweet potato, you can sit sipping a cup of hot tea and enjoy chewy and sweet potato pieces and then chat happily. Also in the rainy season, spicy food is a priority above all else with the acrid fish pot hot, aromatic grilled squid pieces, or spicy fatty sucking snails.

seafoods - Dong Hoi City

If you want to travel to Dong Hoi in the rainy season, you have to choose a really suitable time. In January, February, joining the tour to discover Phong Nha – Ke Bang is the best choice. You should not go there in the rainy months when the water level of Son River rises obscuring the entrance to Phong Nha – Ke Bang. Instead, you can go to visit the grave of General Vo Nguyen Giap in Vung Chua – En Island, get some fresh air in Bau Tro and taste fish porridge in Bau Sen. If you want to watch the sea while traveling to Dong Hoi in the rainy season, you just need to book hotels right on the beach, and you’ll have another view of Nhat Le Beach.

Vo Nguy Giap in Dong Hoi

  1. Travelling to Dong Hoi in the dry season

The dry season is also the break season, or summer vacation. Dong Hoi Tourism becomes active than usual at that time. Travelling to Dong Hoi in the summer without visiting Nhat Le Beach is a false choice. Nhat Le beach is named the mermaid in Quang Binh province, coming to Nhat Le beach, you will know the magic of the Creator, of nature.

Nhat le Beach in Dong Hoi City

Going to Dong Hoi in the summer, you should join the tour discovering Phong Nha – Ke Bang cave system which is listed as a world cultural heritage. Discovering the mystery of the Son Doong cave through the lens of your own, you can see it as precious memories of your life.

Travelling to Dong Hoi in the summer, you can taste all the seafood specialties. You should take a Dong Hoi summer tour to know the burning sun of central land, to know the austere and burden on the shoulders of every hardworking farmers, to love more the sunshine, love each grain of rice more, and love pieces of sweet potatoes more. Visiting Dong Hoi in the summer enables us to know the savings to make up the essence of rustic cuisine in Quang Binh, to feel and love the central land more, also love our country more.

Taking a summer tour to Dong Hoi, seeing the rice fields in the harvest, the hard work of busy farmers, we will treasure every grain of rice we eat daily more. In summer days, travelling to Dong Hoi, seeing the buffaloes leisurely grazing with half closed eyes, hearing the sound of tailorbird calling each other and picking up the dropped grains of rice, you will see that Dong Hoi is really great.

These above advice are just comprehensive, objective. The own comments of each person, subjective comments of individuals are important. Now, you should think carefully, then decide when to visit the beautiful and peaceful city of Dong Hoi.

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