8 Interesting Experiences when Travelling to Sapa

  1. Conquering Fansipan- “Roof of Indochina”

Fansipan peak is the first tourist destination in Sapa you should experience by conquering the roof of Indochina is the dream of so many young people. Nowadays, cable cars to Fansipan are available, so it’s much easier and faster for you to reach the peak. If you like to challenge and win yourself, let’s go to Fasipan right now. Travelling in October, you can both climb Fansipan and see the ripe rice fields. What a great experience it will be!


  1. Seeing the most magnificent terraced rice fields in the world

Terraced fields in Sapa are honored as one of the most majestic and beautiful terraced fields in the world. Nature gives people in this area not only landscape and ideal climate, but also skillful hands. For hundreds of years, they have woven masterpieces – which are the terraced fields, the “stairs” leading up to the sky. In harvest season (October), it is time the green of the field is replaced by yellow color of ripe rice. This is a fascinating time to visit Sapa.

  1. Climbing Ham Rong mountain, seeing the town of Sapa from high

Ham Rong Moutain

Observing the town of Sapa from an altitude of 1800m high of Ham Rong mountain is an exciting experience that anyone coming to Sapa should get. Roads, hotels and resorts suddenly become small under your feet. Apart from that, on Ham Rong mountain, you can also enjoy the colorful flower gardens alternating small stone creeks in Thach Lam stone garden.

  1. Enjoying the sunrise, sunset over Sapa

Dazzling beauty of Mu Cang Chai

The chilly wind in the early morning will make you slightly shivered. Holding the warm cup of coffee in hand, enjoying a dish of fried egg, overlooking windows the hotel with a nice view, you will see a Sapa gentle and peaceful in the morning dew. When the sun sets, the sun disappears behind Hoang Lien Mountains, Sapa is dyed by a purple, there’s something romantic and a vague sadness.

  1. Walking, living slowly in Sapa

Ta Phin village

Taking a walking tour in Sapa will bring you unforgettable experiences. Sapa is one of the longest walking tourist destinations in the world. Coming to Sapa, there will be time when you walk a dozen kilometers, walking from the morning until the afternoon, passing through the town, the villages, going through paddy fields, small streams, bridges … walking to slow down your pace of life, to observe and learn more about the life and culture of the indigenous people here. The attractive tourist destinations for walking include: the ancient town of Sapa, Cat Cat Village, Muong Hoa valley, Ta Van, Ta Phin villages…

  1. Sleeping at home of an ethnic minority family (homestay)

Sapa homestay

Travelling to Sapa, homestay form of accommodation in the home of a minority family, eating the featured, new dishes, waking up in the villages far from the town center will be  great experiences that you can not forget on this land. Sapa homestay services are developed; therefore, you absolutely can feel secure about the houses’ cleanliness and food safety.

  1. Visiting Bac (Silver) Waterfall and Waterfall of Love

Silver waterfall

Silver waterfall and Waterfall of Love are about 12km from the town center, located on the road to Lai Chau. Visiting the two waterfalls, will not only feel relaxed when enjoying the cool steam, but also hear legendary stories about the Waterfall of Love, where the seventh maiden of the God met the woodcutter. The fairy was passionate about the flute’s sound of the boy, but the Jade Emperor forbidden their love, so she turned into a bird with yellow feathers, flew around the mountain and kept crying for three sound “O Qui Ho” deeply and inconsolably.

  1. Enjoying specialties of Sapa

It would be a pity if you miss the fascinating specialties such as salmon – fish caught in streams, pig raised by villagers… and fragrant barbeque restaurants at night in the town center. Weather in Sapa is very suitable for jointly enjoying grilled food, hot pot dishes or sipping cups of delicious corn wine.

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