48h “Getting Lost” in Sapa

Sapa is the first choice of those who want to spend the whole 2 weekend days to explore the natural beauty of the nature and people in the land which visitors often call “tourist paradise”. Sapa attracts visitors not only in summer but also attracts tourists in winter. Tourists will enjoy the cold in Northwest of Vietnam, enjoy Sapa barbeque, climb to the Heaven gate on Ham Rong Mountain, in particular, to attend Bac Ha fair and visit the villages by a carriage.

Sunday: Going to Bac Ha fair, visiting King Cat palace

7 pm: Start the route of Sapa – Bac Ha.

10am: Bac Ha Market

Bac Ha Market, opened every Sunday, is located about 3 hours of driving car from Sapa. The market is divided into many different areas such as the area of Brocade, agricultural products, agricultural tools, and especially the dining area. Visitors go to the market not only for sightseeing, shopping, but also to experience the cultural space bearing colors of the uplands.

Can Cau market


You should take a seat in a stall selling food among ethnic minority people to enjoy a bowl of corn bread specialty or go to the opposite side to sip “men men” made from glutinous corn, or a bowl of “thắng cố” (a traditional dish made from horse internal organs of the Mong ethnic group in the mountainous north-western region which cost about 30,000 VND.

12am: Have lunch in Bac Ha

You can have lunch in the restaurants near the market with a number of specialties such as five colors sticky rice, thắng cố, piglet…..

1pm: Visit Cat King palace

Cat King palace, also known as Hoang A Tuong’s mansion, is a superficial house built in 1914. It is a unique architecture designed by two French and Chinese architects. Although the interior architecture  of the palace has been no longer intact, visitors can still feel the majesty, dominion of a time. The building consists of the main house and two blocks of outhouse. Each row contains two floors and is lower than the main house. You can visit by yourselves or follow the instructions of staff of travel information center located on the first floor of the building.

Cat King palace

Behind Cat King palace is traditional model of making corn wine of Bac Ha people. You can learn about recipes and secret to make cups of delicious and fragrant corn wine from those who live here.

2pm: Visit the villages by chariot

Another interesting activity in Bac Ha that visitors can experience is to seat in a chariot with the tinkling of the tintinnabula on the horse’ back to visit ethnic villages. Peaceful, airy scenery of mountains and the smile, the eyes of the children in the highlands help visitors get unforgettable memories.

Unlike the hustle and the bustle of the capital where is always full of bustling car lines, the boisterous sound, where the rhythm of life of everyone is rushing, arriving at the communes such as Lao Chai, Ta Van of Lao Cai, you will immediately enjoy a peaceful and close space.


Then, you just want to throw away all the baggage to stand there, take a deep breath and enjoy the fragrant of newly harvested rice, to see pieces of land full of green and yellow in the terraces stretching; to hear the wind singing which is in a harmony with working rhyme of hardy people when harvest comes. It’s an experience that makes you temporarily forget the tired and cramped life in the prosperous city…

3pm: Get on the bus back Hanoi


When traveling to Sapa, visitors need to:

– bring thick/ warm clothes even going in the summer because the weather in Sapa at night and early morning is rather cold,

– bring identification to book accommodation and rent a motorbike (if necessary).

– book train / car, hotel room in advance to get the best service.

Chau Long

– Hotels, motels in Sapa are available and from affordable to high price. Guests can stay at three-star and above hotels like Victoria Sapa, Sapa Panorama, Sapa House, Chau Long, Bamboo… for 50-200 USD / day. Hotels, guesthouses with affordable price include Hoang Ha, Cong Doan (Union), Holiday at the price of 250,000- 600,000 VND / day. Many hotels in Sa Pa has the appearance of French architecture with low-floor design. The rooms are equipped with TV, refrigerator, heater… but very few hotels have air- conditioner. It is understandable because the weather in Sapa is still cool in daytime, travelers have to use thin blankets at night.

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