Quan Ba Twin Mountain resembles two cherries

Quan Ba, Ha Giang, Travel Guide Quan Ba, Ha Giang, Travel Guide

Quan Ba is situated along Highway 4C and is approximately 40km from Ha Giang Town.

Quan Ba, Ha Giang, Travel Guide Quan Ba, Ha Giang, Travel Guide

Leaving Ha Giang, the road climbs over the Quan Ba Pass (Heaven’s Gate) around 40km from the city.

Quan Ba, Ha Giang, Travel Guide Quan Ba, Ha Giang, Travel Guide

Quan Ba district was officially opened Lung Khuy Grotto on Dong Van Stone Plateau allows tourists to visit.

Quan Ba, Ha Giang, Travel Guide Quan Ba, Ha Giang, Travel Guide

Quan Ba in Ha Giang.

Quan Ba, Ha Giang, Travel Guide Quan Ba, Ha Giang, Travel Guide

Lung Cu, Quang Ba, Ha Giang.

Quan Ba, Ha Giang, Travel Guide Quan Ba, Ha Giang, Travel Guide

Quan Ba is a district belong to Ha Giang Province, this district is still considered as “Dalat” of the northern Ha Giang, it is far from the center of Ha Giang Province around 46km to the north. With a lot of the convenient features in Quan Ba such as the cool weather all year, there are a lot of the mighty landscapes as Cong Troi (heaven gate), Co Tien Mountain, Kho My cave, the special customs and habits of the ethnic groups as Mong, Dao, Tay, Bo Y….

Why should visit Quan Ba?

There are until the ethnic fourteen groups to live together in Quan Ba, each this group has each different customs and habits so that it creates an object and and non-object cultural heritage very specially such as Gau Tao festival, Cap Sac festival, singing between the boys and girls of Dao group, the raining praying festival of Nung group….Beside the special festivals of the different ethnic groups as above, arrival to this site the tourist not only have a chance to try the special food at here such as Thanh Van wine, cardamon…. but also they also have a chance to see directly the locals work a lot of their different handicraft products at here, then you can buy any product as your souvenirs after your trip to Ha Giang Province one of the most famous destinations about the mighty mountainous scenery in the northern Vietnam. All of these features make Quan Ba develop a lot about the tourism now and then.

Arrival to Quan Ba, you should not miss to explore the most famous sights in this area such as:

Quan Ba Heaven Gate: 

This gate is high 1500m to the sea, this is the first gate to enter Dong Van highland. In 1939, a wooden gate was made with 150cm thick right the heaven gate, then after this gate is the other world or still called ” the area of Meo group”, it is included the districts such as Quan Ba, Meo Vac, Yen Minh and Dong Van.

Quan Ba double mountain:

Quan Ba double mountain is located nearby 4C highway, it is far from the center Ha Giang around 40km. Between the rock mountains and terraced fields it is appeared double mountains with the special images, it makes the tourist very surprise by its mighty beauty. This double mountain is associated with Co Tien mountain very interested.

Nam Dam Community Tourist Village:

Nam Dam Community Tourist Village is located in Nam Dam hamlet, Quan Ba commune, Quan Ba district. It is located far from Tam Son town around 2km. The total area of this site is 458ha. It is convenient and easy for the tourist to travel to Nam Dam Community Tourist Village, at here it is the living place of Dao Cham group, Nam Dam Community Tourist Village is still kept a lot of the traditional habits, customs and festivals such as Cau Mua (praying for raining), Wedding, New rice, specially is Cap Sac festival that is organized for all boys whose are started becoming the adults . Almost houses at here are made very simple with Dao group architecture. 

Kho My Cave:

Kho My Cave is located in Tung Vai Commune of Quan Ba District. Although this cave is located in the highland area of Ha Giang Province, it is also easy to go here, it is just far from Tam Son town of Quan Ba District around 20km. Kho My Cave has a special mighty scenery very poetic and fanciful. The tourist always make very surprised once step into this cave. 

Quang Ba kermis market:

Quan Ba kermis market is organized on Monday every week. Almost of locals from young to old persons live in Quan Ba come here on Monday of the weekend to take part in this special kermis market to exchange goods and try the local food at here, buy their necessary products….

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